This Week

I got through my first (work) week with my daughter away at college.  I am proud of myself, not doing too bad.  The tears still come now and them, but not like they did on Monday.  Thank you for your comments and support, you all help very much.  I guess she hasn’t forgotten us because she wants to text and talk on the phone. ❤  Thank goodness for that, and thank goodness for technology!

I want to share with you these photos I took of the sunrise yesterday morning.  Yes, I was up early…  We ended up having a beautiful, but hot day.

august sunrise 027

august sunrise 031

Some days after my morning coffee I also need a cup of tea.  That was the case yesterday.  For my birthday I received three varieties of Teavana tea.  This green tea is my favorite; it is called Jade Citrus Mint.  The most prevalent flavor is the mint, but it is a soft mint, not like peppermint tea.  I love peppermint tea too, but this is different, which is nice.  (My daughter left her teapot home for me to use. 🙂 ❤ )

jade citrus mint tea 039

Now for dolly news, I am working on some apple themed outfits.  I wanted to get two made for the Little Darlings so that they could dress in their outfits together.

As I was putting the macro lens on my camera I noticed my straight pins in the pincushion.  I’ve used these pins forever and am extremely happy with them.  They were sold by the Stretch & Sew company, so they probably have a tip made for knits.  These pins won’t ruin fabric, are extra long, and won’t rust.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they are being made any longer.  I’ve probably had them for 20-25 years!

glass ball pins 987

  Lucy’s ensemble was finished first (last week).  Each of the girls has a little basket for their perfect little apple.  The baskets were crocheted with hemp cord and they fit perfectly in their hands.  I made the loops just the right size for their thumbs to fit through too.  Here’s a macro lens shot of Lucy’s apple basket.

08-17-16 003

As you all probably know by now, I am a sucker for cute fabric, and this apple print was a must buy.  I took the hint from the bits of pink blossoms in the print and added the pink pin dot border.

08-17-16 009

I finished knitting Alice’s golden yellow sweater in the car on the way to our daughter’s university on Saturday.

08-12-16 001

08-17-16 013

I took this photo Wednesday morning.  By the end of the day Alice’s sweater was complete with its embroidery and buttons.  Yesterday I put the finishing touches on Alice’s ensemble and got photos taken of both girls.

lucy alice 045

lucy alice 208

More on their individual outfits in the next two posts.  I will most likely have both of these available on Sunday evening.

I hope you all have, or are having, a wonderful Friday.  We had rain overnight; outside it is very cloudy, still, and humid.  It is a most peaceful morning.

Bye for now!

8 thoughts on “This Week

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Anna,
      I feel quite strong getting through my first week without her. We HAVE been talking often and yesterday we were able to Facetime (like Skype). I hugged her goodnight, which was actually hugging my laptop, strange feeling. But, we had a nice visit with her and saw the update to her dorm room. I think it will be okay.

  1. Catherine

    I’m very happy you feel better!
    Your photos of the sunrise are beautiful!
    I love the new outfits! The fabric is splendid!
    Have a good afternoon!
    Warm wishes.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine. Thank you for your caring words. I love all of the colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset. The colors in nature are truly amazing. This morning it is dark and gray, storms are coming, but it’s cozy inside.

  2. Joy

    The 2nd photo is worthy of an exhibition. Love the contrast of dark and light as well as the peek through effect.
    The apple fabric is so perfect for fall/back to school and not all orange/brown. Love the sweaters too. What a perfect duo. Love Lucy aka happy girl’s pigtails too.
    So how’s the dorm food? Hopefully, good. Very important to college students.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. Oh wow, thanks! The trees made kind of a picture frame around the sky, didn’t they? I didn’t notice that at first. Thank you for making me take a second look. I’m really not that into fall colors unless there is a bit of pink, violet, or pastel somewhere in there. These two apple prints caught my attention. I even got the mint green one in the off white colorway since I couldn’t decide.
      As of last night the cafeterias weren’t open yet. My daughter was on campus a week early (only about 150 students around the entire place), so had to eat at camp or fend for herself. I’ll let you know; all of the students are moving in this weekend, busy place. I’ll let you know about the food. Yes, the food is important. 🙂

  3. Wendi

    I think that this is an example of the good coming from the bad Cindy. You seem to be channelling your sadness into some beautiful things that bring you pleasure. By the way, would you be able to tell me the height of the “Little Darlings” that you design for? I have just purchased a “Gina” that was painted by Dianna Effner and signed on my birthday! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! So I am thinking that she just might need an outfit at some point. The one I have is 10″ high. Thank you and both the pictures and outfits are outstanding!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Wendi, and thank you for your thoughtful words. I am trying, and am surprising myself, I must say, so all is good. It helps to see her doing well on her own.

      Congrats on adopting Gina! How exciting! She was meant to be yours if she was signed on your birthday, that’s her birthday too now. The Little Darlings are 13″ tall. I heard somewhere that they were close to the 14″ Betsy McCall, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t have Betsy.

      Thank you for sharing your happy news. I hope she arrives very soon.


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