” ‘Tis Apple Picking Season”

This morning the lovely Alice is ready to show you her new apple themed ensemble!

'tis apple picking season 205.jpg

This fabric, designed by Elea Lutz, is so sweet.  It’s probably the cutest apple fabric ever!  The mint green background is absolutely yummy, isn’t it?

Golden yellow looked “just a little fall-ish” with this print so that is the color I chose for this end of summer, or early fall ensemble.  Two embroidered apple tree branches laden with ready-to-pick apples grace the neckline.  Oops, a couple of apples have already fallen, and are on their way down.  Alice had better scoop those up and put them into her basket. 🙂

'tis apple picking season 099

'tis apple picking season 068

Alice’s crocheted hemp apple picking basket is the same as Lucy’s.

'tis apple picking season 085

Alice has a crocheted apple hair tie, an apple-y bracelet, white anklets and panties to complete her new ensemble.  Now she’s ready to visit the apple orchard… with Lucy, of course.

'tis apple picking season 171

'tis apple picking season 174

Yesterday I got curious as to how Alice would look in another wig style and hair color.  First, I tried her in Penny’s mohair blonde bob, not great.  Then, I tried her in Lucy’s light brown wig.

'tis apple picking season 257

Isn’t this a great color on her?  It’s a cool brown shade, not reddish at all.  I like it a lot on her!   It makes her look younger and goes beautifully with her eyes.  Dolls have their favorite hair color and this may be Alice’s.  It’s probably a Monique wig, but I don’t know the wig style or color.  Does anyone know?

Alice’s “ ‘Tis Apple Picking Season” ensemble will be available on Sunday (August 21, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesign.com.  Please check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

9 thoughts on “” ‘Tis Apple Picking Season”

  1. Joy

    These two outfits are just fantastic. Love them both. How can anyone decide on just one? Buy both of course! I like the blond wig, but seeing the brownish, on Alice does make her look adorable.
    Another three hour cabin run this morning. Hopefully, all pipes will be fixed and water heater working correctly. Will be glad when we’re done with this project that no one else can do for free. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy and thank you. Apple picking will continue with another couple of girls (dolls) in another couple of states. I hope they have fun! BTW, I REALLY hope your crazy water heater is up and running without any problems!

  2. Catherine

    Alice is beautiful with her new ensemble! I prefer her light brown wig! I don’t no the name, there are so many models!
    Have a good afternoon!
    Warm wishes.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Sophie, thank you! I wonder if there are any other colors that look great on her. I put the light brown wig on her and didn’t want to take it off. That color is perfect for her.

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