A Little About A Lot!

Good morning from probably the happiest place on earth right now.  The Chicago area is happy, happy, happy!  It’s been over 100 years (108 to be exact!) since the Cubs won a World Series!

I went to bed when the Cubs were still ahead by 3 points,  (I knew if I stayed up to watch the game I’d NEVER get to sleep when it was over, too much excitement).  My husband did come in to let me know when the score was tied (what!).  After that I gave up trying to get to sleep, but I did stay in bed and tried to stay calm.  When the fireworks started outside, I knew I could finally sleep!  I do feel tired this morning, but I’m sure not like a lot of others.

Over the last weeks, I’ve been taking a few pictures of fall, but haven’t gotten around to sharing them with you.  This is a colorful and warm autumn!  The trees are taking their time to change and flowers are still blooming.  Look at how green the grass is; it’s like springtime.  Yes, we’ve had lots of rain.


We’ve had some light frosts far from the house.  The frost is so icy and pretty in the early morning.


My husband had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.  My daughter surprised him with a gift sent via the USPS in a Priority box.  This is the first time she isn’t here in person. 😦


My shipment of Christmas yarn arrived last week.  I have lots of yarn, but was sorely lacking in reds.  I even got a couple of forest-y greens.  I’ve been liking green more lately.


Amelia Thimble’s sweater dress pattern is moving along.  I knit three sample dresses and yesterday I sat at my laptop and worked on the pattern pages all day.

The pages take a LONG time to put together.  It’s a lot of work going back and forth between the pages (files) . . . forgetting to add something, then figuring out where to put it, seeing something that doesn’t sound right, then figuring out a better way to say it.  After working on it yesterday, it is basically done, but I need to proofread it.  I am hoping next week it will be available for you.




Next, for a Christmas ensemble is my Kaye Wiggs Millie, one of my most neglected, but patient, girls.  The dress is sewn, the hat is knit, and the cardigan is in progress.  This will be finished next week as well.


Thanks for visiting today!  Bye for now!



8 thoughts on “A Little About A Lot!

  1. Joy

    Well, if it couldn’t be the Giants, then Yay Cubs!
    The colors photo is lovely. Not ready for frost here yet. Still have a few more deck rails to finish off. Been waiting for it to dry out a bit.
    Love your pup pic. My favorite hat pattern (now in Amelia’s size) would look awfully cute on little doggie but sized up.
    As to the yarn, my aunt now has a roomful in all colors. I brought home a few skeins. Not sure what she is going to do with it all, but it was a real bargain. Some lovely yarns. Her group knits hats for preemies and cancer patients, but it will take a long time to use all of it.
    Looking forward to your tiny Amelia pattern. Believe it or not, but I just bought Izzy. Silly me.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Joy,
    Aww, you bought Izzy. I cannot remember if you have Amelia Thimble… ??? My little doggie hates to wear clothes and is like Houdini getting out of them. A coat on the very coldest of days and for the very shortest amount of time is all he’ll tolerate. Your aunts roomful of yarn sound delicious. Hope you can get those deck rails completed soon.

    1. Joy

      I do have Amelia. She can be very difficult both posing and keeping on her wig.:) The Izzy friend has long redish hair and light eyes. She should be here in a couple of days. Dave’s still out there painting rails but just about done. Rain coming in late tomorrow so we wanted it done. I got to clean the rug. Oh boy!

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        I remember you mentioning your temperamental Amelia now. If they weren’t so gosh darn cute… I hope Izzy has a better disposition. Thanks for the Halloween photo. You have a beautiful family!!! And yes, Lucy made me smile. That cat must be the sweetest little thing if she allows that. I hope you have a beautiful fall day in CA, Joy!

  3. Susan Golden

    I bought your little darling pattern,been knitting for my little darling ever since…so I’m excited that amelia thimble is going to have a pattern too! I cant wait till your done (no rush)…

  4. Cindy Rice Post author

    Aww Susan, you are so kind to let me know how much I’ve inspired you to knit. Your comment made my day, thank you. Amelia’s is almost ready. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  5. practice925

    What a great post! We were up too for the Cubs game but went to bed as they pulled the tarp over the field. What a great game! The autumn nature photos bring back memories.

    Love it that you are selling patterns now Cindy!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Heather. I like it too. I’m getting all of these new ideas now. There simply is not enough time… Autumn is beautiful this year. It really hasn’t been cold yet, just chilly, and the trees that turn color became vibrant. I have a feeling the cold will hit one day soon, and it won’t go back to warm until May. Then I’ll be wishing for your weather.


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