Ringing in November with “Trimming the Tree”

My Kaye Wiggs MSD, Gracie, is here again with a new ensemble to show you.  This time she  has the tree trimming decorations unwrapped and is ready to begin this long awaited Christmas tradition.


As usual, this ensemble started with me falling in love with the fabric.  I could not resist all of the colorful ornaments on this Japanese fabric designed by Lecien—pink and blue for Christmas?  Most definitely, yes!  If you love a colorful Christmas, this ones for you!


I decided to highlight the red with the secondary color being the green to keep this ensemble as festive as possible!  Gracie’s wooly red sweater will keep her warm while she’s busy with the tree.  I added embroidered branches which are already decorated with coordinating colors of seed and bugle beads at the neckline.  The sweater closes with green glass bead buttons.




Gracie’ striped stocking hat is knit with four different colored stripes in a slightly finer weight of wool yarn.  Bright red, kelly green, blue, and yellow alternate with a wide fuzzy mohair/silk “Santa” brim.  The hand made pom pom matches the yarn used for the brim.



Additional red accents are Gracie’s chunky red ribbed cotton tights and a red hand dyed nylon lace (fine English Cluny) sash.  Gracie’s tree trimming accessories are ornament miniatures which I added gold-toned jewelry rings and ribbon.  A crocheted string of lights—also works as a fun scarf, and a length of gold-toned bead garland are ready for the tree.  Her “made with love” heart has been turned into another ornament for the tree.




“Trimming the Tree” for Kaye’s MSD sized dolls will be available tonight (November 1, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

Happy November 1st!  Thanks for visiting today!

4 thoughts on “Ringing in November with “Trimming the Tree”

  1. Joy

    Leave it to Gracie to get a jump start on the holidays. Love the Japanese fabric. Their prints are so special. Gracie will stay warm and toasty in that adorable hat and sweater.
    I found out from Maru and Friends that the new Mini Pals dolls by Effner have almost exactly the same measurements as the Little Darlings including shoes. So, for $99. a perfect sewing model or friend for a LD is available. I’m thinking about it.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      You are always tempting with more dolls, and they are ALWAYS very hard to resist. You are in the know, that’s for sure. Still resisting Hearts for Hearts, and now these… I keep telling myself that I have too many dolls already. Millie is getting the next Christmas set, but Bethany, Patience, Patsy/Sophie, and dear Penny are all waiting. Then there’s Riley/Tulah and Alisha who would love something for Christmas too. They ARE fun to see though. Now fabric is one thing that I never try to resist. lol Thanks for the compliment on Gracie’s new ensemble. Have a great day!

  2. Catherine

    Gracie’s dress is beautiful! I love the fabric!
    The embroidered sweater is qsw<< (my cat Cookie has wroten!!!) beautiful too!
    I hope you are well!
    I wish you a good afternoon.
    Friendly yours,

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Catherine, and thank you, Cookie, for commenting too. Yes, I am well, thank you. I hope you are doing good too. It’s hard to believe it’s November again… already, isn’t it? Hope you’re having a very nice Wednesday in France.


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