“Christmas Caroler” for the Little Darlings

If you can’t beat them (the weather), join them (it).  Not an option today!  It’s very chilly, windy, and pouring rain.  I REALLY had my heart set on getting Alice’s photos taken today, so I got lucky and figured out how to use the weather to my advantage and get her photos taken.

I put Alice in the kitchen bay window, and because it’s not bright (at all) the photos came out fine.  I turned on all the warm kitchen lights, used a tripod, and used a board to block the glare on top of her head.  They’re a little darker than usual, but I think they’re cozy looking.

Alice, my Little Darling painted by Nelly Valentino, is thrilled to be able to show you her first Christmas ensemble, Christmas Caroler.  It’s a very traditional ensemble—even a little bit old-fashioned looking, which is a look I am in love with on her.


Alice’s elbow length sleeved dress is made with a tiny holly print in deep red, greens, and bits of metallic gold.  A deep red taffeta ribbon (with a brighter red edge) ties around the waist of the dress.  Tiny ecru English cotton Cluny lace peeks out at the hemline.



The natural colored lace cape is knit with lace weight baby alpaca/silk yarn for an extremely delicate piece.  It closes at the center front with a gold-filled bead and loop.  There are six full size panels on the cape; the right three panels each have a slightly different embroidery motif with the left three panels each mirroring its corresponding right panel


The vintage-styled headband hat is knit with a slightly heavier weight natural colored yarn (wool/angora). The embroidered motifs at each end mirror each other.  The headband ties under the chin on the right hand side.  The ties are different lengths so that when tied the tails are equal.


Alice’s accessories include a pair of red scarves in a deep red and a brighter red wool.  They have fringed ends.  The little sheet music is vintage looking with four different carols and a bookmark tied over the center fold.  A little gold glass ornament is tied with a matching embroidery thread loop.  The bracelet is made with garnet beads and 14k gold-filled beads.  A red shell heart charm dangles from the bracelet.  And underneath it all is a pair of red rayon Lycra® tights.




While out caroling, I’m sure all of the grandmas and moms will be pinching Alice’s cheeks and telling her what an adorable little girl she is.


Alice’s “Christmas Caroler” ensemble will be available tonight (October 26, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST at cindyricedesigns.com.

Alice and I thank you for visiting with us today. 🙂 ❤

6 thoughts on ““Christmas Caroler” for the Little Darlings

  1. Joy

    Love the bay window photos! What a wonderful idea. Perfect setting for her too. The greens outside echoing her dress. And my favorite hat and cape make such a lovely presentation. More adorable than words can express. I’ll bet Alice’s favorite song is Deck the Halls!
    We’ve had 4 inches of rain. Can you believe. Sunny today and then more rain the rest of the week. Only wish it was colder in the mountains so there would be snow.
    So sad to hear about Jeanne’s husband, but know modern medicine can do wonders.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. It’s another dark day here, so I’d still be waiting if I thought I needed a sunny day. Glad I figured out an alternative. It might work for those frigid days that are just around the corner too. Kiddingly, I keep telling my husband that I need a glass house in the middle of the yard… with heat.
      Actually, Alice told me her favorite Christmas carol is “all of them”, but I HAVE heard her humming Deck the Halls when she didn’t think I was listening. lol
      Snow? Oh, no! Don’t say that word. Our winters are soo long here!
      Yes, it is sad, but praying it all works out for them.

  2. Ann

    Just lovely. I remember having similar band to keep my ears warm when I was a child. It really does have a nostalgic quality in this design. You’re an amazingly talented woman.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Ann. Yes, I vaguely remember that style too. I must have been very young because it is a very vague memory. The style seems to suit the dolls. Thank you, you are so kind!


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