NEWS! My First Knitting Pattern is Ready!

Who is it for?  Hmm…  okay, I’ll finally tell.  You’ve all waited long enough.  Sorry for the delay.  I think I set a record for the number of edits in a pattern.

I read ALL of my blog, Facebook, and email comments, and the #1 request was for a Little Darlings pattern, so that is who got the first pattern.  It is a very simple sweater pattern which I titled “Classic Cardigan”.  It is knit with fingering weight wool which is not too fine; in fact it’s just right for a wooly fall sweater.  I have included instructions for three sleeve lengths too.

I think this pattern is a good starting point for all of you who know how to knit, but are still new to the craft.  (Those of you who are more advanced probably won’t have any problems skipping over the extra instructions.)  If you know how to knit, I believe you can follow my pattern.  Any stitches that you aren’t familiar with can be found on You Tube.

This pattern is the perfect “canvas” for embroidery and applique.  I included my Ten Tips for Embroidery on Hand Knits along with some photos for inspiration too.

AG cardi pattern p1

Pattern is available as a pdf digital pattern; you’ll need a pdf reader application installed on your computer.

This pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.

Bye for now!

10 thoughts on “NEWS! My First Knitting Pattern is Ready!

  1. Donna Griffin

    Just ordered it! So lovely. I ordered my doll over a year ago – not sure how much longer it will be until she arrives. I hope to have a sweater waiting for her. Thanks so much for creating the pattern!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Donna,
      I just sent you the pattern, thank you. I hope you don’t have too much longer to wait for your Little Darling. I know that some artists take longer than others do. While waiting for my second doll from Nelly, I found my Lucy on ebay. I hope you enjoy knitting my pattern.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Heather,
    Thank you! I think this will be a fun endeavor. It’s always rewarding to share. Now, if only you could teach all of us to draw as beautifully as you can. Miss you!

  3. Joy

    Congrats on your new pattern. Looking at the photos, I think I had better watch some of those youtube things first. Knit/purl? Is that purl like a pearl? Ha! But the sweater is so cute and you have Lucy aka Smiley on the front. Sweet. She’s going to sell a lot of patterns for you too.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. Thank you! Ha ha, you’re funny! Maybe you HAD better watch a few videos first. But, Bessie Bell is going to want a new sweater hand knit by her mama. You know that, right?

      1. Joy

        Yes, little Bessie Bell is still observing from the couch right now. She is next to my A Girl For All Time Amelia and they seem very happy together.
        Rained all day, a good thing! But rather a pain. Still have more deck to finish. Tomorrow with sun I will be out there preparing the last set of stairs for stain. Then the first couple of dry days we will stain them. We did get out and bought a drone for grandsons birthday. Think his father will have a lot more fun with it. Ha. Have had a lot of stuff going on. Memorial for husbands brother Saturday. Life goes on.

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