“Blossoms for my Love-ly”

Hello everyone!  I had a busy day yesterday.  Patsy’s new ensemble got finished, photographed, and (almost) ready to make its debut tonight!  Yay!

And, it’s PINK!

Yes, more “creating with pink” is coming from my studio.  This time my pink creation is for Patsy and Ann Estelle, lucky girls.


Patsy is wearing a dress with rosy colored roses scattered on a warm white ground.  Her “light as a feather” cardigan is knit with pink lace weight mohair/silk yarn.  A pair of mirrored image embroidered rose motifs pick up the deep rosy color in the dress.  Ribbon, pearls, and English cotton Cluny lace further embellish this new ensemble.

blossoms for my love-ly 004.jpg




“Blossoms for my Love-ly” will be available tonight (January 19, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

Have, or hope you are having, a great day everyone! ❤

6 thoughts on ““Blossoms for my Love-ly”

  1. Joy

    Oh she reminds me of pink cotton candy! Just sweet and lovely. A glance at this outfit will lift anyones spirits immediately. Perfect on this yet again rainy day. Tell Patsy she’s a roll model for my gang who are still lounging in their ugly Christmas sweaters.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy and thank you! I think if I had as many to change as you do they wouldn’t get changed either. My Lilah, (and I only have one) is still in her summer romper! Your weather is just like ours. We are beginning day 7 of not seeing a bit of sun, wonder if it’s still there somewhere. Maybe it’s gone for good… Uh oh, it’s starting to get to me… no, no, no, I won’t let it! I’ve got my twinkle lights plugged in this morning and am sitting in front of my blue light, so my body knows it’s supposed to be morning. I can’t believe how dark and foggy it is outside at 7:00 am! Maybe you’ll see the sun today?

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