Penny is Popping in to Wish You…

Penny is popping in to wish you “Springtime Joy” . . . even though springtime feels miles away at the moment.  We are getting our first snowstorm of 2017 tonight!  It’s been a mighty strange winter around here.

So, for me at least, I need to pretend that spring is here, and Penny is helping with that.  Here is Penny in her new ensemble with her baby bunny, Spring.

springtime joy 734

springtime joy 742

You can see what a caring and gentle pet mama Penny is to little Spring.  They bonded immediately!  Spring is another needle felted bunny made by me.  She is made with wool roving, has red violet Delicate bead eyes (sewn on) and a pink embroidered nose.

springtime joy 726

Penny’s new spring ensemble features a floral cotton dress in cool shades of rose, blue violet, and grey and a background the color of whipping cream.

springtime joy 721

Her hand knit sweater is knit out of rosy colored mohair/silk lace yarn.  Two different rose bouquet motifs are embroidered on the front.  I picked the blue violet out of the print to highlight with a hair ribbon, waist sash, embroidery, and bracelet.

springtime joy 797

springtime joy 730

springtime joy 744

Penny’s “Springtime Joy” ensemble will be available tonight (March 12, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

4 thoughts on “Penny is Popping in to Wish You…

  1. Joy

    Oh, love Penny with this color wig. Such a sweet little cupcake. Both the fabric and sweater are lovely. Penny looks like she is being very careful with little Spring too.
    So sorry about the snowstorm, but know you too will have those lovely spring days to come.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. As promised, it snowed all night, but it was a very fine snow, maybe 6″. We’re supposed to get lake effect snow now though. It’ll be a snowy day! The promise of spring seems like a distant memory. Penny seems to look cute in many different wig colors; she’s a little chameleon. She, too, is happy that baby Spring will be going to a good home. Enjoy some beautiful CA weather for me today.

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