“Rosies and Lavender”

It’s super hard to get into spring-y feelings this morning.  It snowed all night and a fine snow is still falling.  However, we don’t have much snow on the ground, six inches or so.  Six inches of snow is better than 24, so I’ll take it without complaining.

I have my smiling Little Darling, Lucy, here to help bring back some feelings of spring.  She is wearing the most (one of them, anyway) beautiful floral prints in a unique color palette.  Instead of green for the greenery, it is in medium grey.  The background isn’t white, ivory, or ecru.  It is the color of whipping cream!  The roses are in cool rosy tones with muted violet blossoms.  The blossoms, stems, and leaves make up bouquets scattered  randomly on this Japanese cotton fabric.

rosies and lavender 779

Isn’t this a beautiful print?

Lucy’s dress has English cotton Cluny lace snugged underneath a skirt tuck.  The waistline sash is in rosy colored satin ribbon.

rosies and lavender 780

rosies and lavender 768

Muted lavender works perfectly for the sweater.  The elbow length wool cardigan has delicate lace panels down the center back, sleeves, and along the front edges.  I’ve embroidered floral motifs in an asymmetrical composition amongst the lace panels.

rosies and lavender 795

rosies and lavender 761

Lucy wears a crocheted cap made out of white bamboo thread.  It is decorated with a crocheted mohair/silk rose, satin bow, and glass leaf bead.  What a pretty girl!

rosies and lavender 767

rosies and lavender 760

Lucy’s accessories include a bouquet, bracelet, and tights.

rosies and lavender 765

“Rosies and Lavender” will be available tonight (March 13, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

10 thoughts on ““Rosies and Lavender”

  1. Joy

    That pink and lavender are amazing together. Love the fabric and yarn. I can just see Lucy jumping in a snowdrift wearing her warm hat and new dress. No cares about a little snow! I’m getting one from Magalie some months from now. Hope my smiley is a sweet as yours.
    I’m sure your weather will turn springlike again soon.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you! I love my #3 and I’m sure you will too. Lucy has become my favorite, but don’t tell the others. There’s just something about her sweet and happy face.
      We are back in what should have been January/February. This past January was like March and February was like April. This is how it must have felt for Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Spring starts next Monday? Ha! For some reason, I feel the snow isn’t done with us yet.
      Can I come and visit you???

  2. Wendy Marsh

    Good morning Cindy. I would like to share with you my Dianne Effner sculpted doll. Her name is Emily and she is 18 inches high. I made her in the late 1990s. She has a serious look about her. I decided to make a new outfit for her. I am very happy with the result. I have also knitted a twinset for my 8 inch Madame Alexander doll. Her dungarees, shoes and socks are original. My next project is to redress the dolls that my twin sister and I received on arriving to our new home in 1952, after spending five years in an orphanage . They are 22inches tall and I can picture them in a new dress and a Cindy Rice inspired cardigan. This will be a special project for me as my sister is in remission from breast cancer and she would love to have her doll in a new outfit. I am going to see her tomorow so she can choose what she would like for the dress from my collection of fabrics. All the very best. Take care. Regards Wendy.


    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Wendy,
      I’d love to see your work! Do you post photos on Instagram or Flickr? Please do let me know where I can see what you’ve made.
      Sending positive thoughts to your sister. You’re sweet to make something for her! Hope you had a nice visit with her.

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