A Whisper of Spring

Happy Mother’s Day to moms in the U.K.!

As you all probably already know spring arrived this past Monday!  We’ve had some sunny days, but other than a very warm afternoon on Friday our temps have been quite brisk.  Ah, the warm temperatures will be here soon.  Although this weekend, for us, it will be about very cold, spring showers.

As we head into this last week of March, I will have three more ensembles to show you.  The first is being modeled by one of my Little Darlings, Lucy.  This ensemble is in my last print in this particular colorway for this collection.  The other two can be found here and here.  I have enjoyed this color palette so much.  It is really hard to find cool, rosy pink color palettes; most floral fabrics go towards the peachy side.  I love those too, but this was a nice change.

a whisper of spring 900

a whisper of spring 892

Lucy’s crocheted cap is made with a finer weight of cotton than I normally use.  I wanted it be light and delicate, like a piece of lace.  I kept the embellishment light and delicate too.  I think it looks very cute on her.

a whisper of spring 897

Lucy’s light as a feather cardigan (pattern available here) is hand knit with lace weight mohair/silk yarn in lilac.  Two coordinating hand embroidered motifs decorate the front of the sweater.

a whisper of spring 817

The cardigan sweater can be buttoned or left unbuttoned.

a whisper of spring 916

a whisper of spring 898

In Lucy’s crocheted basket are blossoms and a pink egg.  The three flowers and egg are removable.  Her other accessories include a bracelet and very pale lilac rayon Lycra® tights.

a whisper of spring 913

a whisper of spring 902

“A Whisper of Spring” will be available tonight (Sunday, March 26, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

6 thoughts on “A Whisper of Spring

  1. Joy

    This outfit is just perfect on this dreary morning. Love it.
    Some new little dollies are coming my way sooner than later. One from Joyce Matthews and a Mini Maru Chad. I believe April and May. Can’t wait nor can Bessie Bell. She’s been lonely.
    Hope warmer weather comes soon for you.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Joy. Thank you so much. I think today is the last dreary morning (three is plenty!) before sunshine tomorrow. Congrats on your new dolls. You know I am completely envious of your doll from Joyce. I would love to have one from her. Maybe someday… Chad is pretty cute too. Enjoy your Monday!

  2. Catherine

    Happy Mother’s day to you! I think your daughter called you to tell how much she loves you!
    Lucy is very adorable with her new ensemble! I love the beautiful print!
    Spring arrived in France too, mornings are still cold, but the days are mild and sunny.
    I hope you are well.
    Have a good week!
    Friendly yours,

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Catherine. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.K., not here in the U.S. Mother’s Day in America is in May, but I did get a nice text and photo of daffodils sent to me from my daughter. I hope you are having a very nice Monday, Catherine! ❤

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