“A Springtime Garden Stroll”

As soon as the gardens start blooming (or maybe yours already is blooming, lucky you) Gracie will be ready for a leisurely garden stroll with Theodora Bear to keep her company.

a springtime garden stroll 920

Gracie’s floral print dress is made from the same print, but in the warm colorway, as Lucy’s here.  The roses on this print are in mauve-y shades and blush pink.  The green is a lovely shade, and the background is a very light warm off white.  There are tiny bits of straw colored blossoms which go nicely with the ecru English cotton Cluny lace used on the skirt.

a springtime garden stroll 875

I used two strands of baby alpaca/silk lace weight yarn to knit the sweater.  The natural color and blush pink are very close in value, but still create a subtle marled effect.  The sleeves are a true 3/4 length which I don’t think I’ve made before.  Scattered rose bouquets and motifs are embroidered on the front of the sweater.  It looks equally cute either buttoned or unbuttoned.

a springtime garden stroll 840

a springtime garden stroll 849

Theodora bear sits perfectly in Gracie’s wicker basket of blossoms.  She has been embellished with a teeny tiny hand made bow and a “Made with Love” heart charm.

a springtime garden stroll 882

Gracie’s delicate headband has been crocheted with pink bamboo and tiny pearls, and is decorated with a hand made bow.  The bow on the headband and the bow on the skirt visually line up with each other.

a springtime garden stroll 843

“A Springtime Garden Stroll” made for Kaye Wiggs MSDs will be available tonight (Monday, March 27, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

a springtime garden stroll 846

FYI, Lucy’s “A Whisper of Spring” ensemble is still available on my website, cindyricedesigns.com

I hope you all have a beautiful day!

9 thoughts on ““A Springtime Garden Stroll”

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Marian and thank you so much! These dolls really are fun to pose and dress. Their size makes them not so fiddly too; it’s a nice change.

  1. Joy

    Everything about this one is perfection! Beautiful spring it is.
    Just heard from Joyce M. again today. Definitely by the end of May for my little one. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. Thank you! Well… you know… if you happen to not like your new Little Darling I’d be more than happy to take her off your hands. Ha ha! Not a chance, I’m sure! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one single doll painted by Joyce that I wouldn’t be honored to have in my doll family. Please share who you ordered and what she will look like.

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