“Christmas Wishes”

Happy Sunday to you all.  I am writing this blog post at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee at my side and twinkle lights lighting up this grey morning.

Thank goodness my Little Darling, Alice, is here to add a little sunshine to this grey day, and offer some seasonal wishes of joy, peace, and love.

christmas wishes 860

Alice’s garland of wishes includes charms that say joy, love, and peace.  In addition, heart-shaped charms and snowflakes (for snowy wishes) decorate the sparkly icy white garland.  Alice’s garland is all ready to her to hang on her tree.

christmas wishes 872

christmas wishes 869

All of the whites in this ensemble are pure white to pick up the very white snowflakes on the dress.  The delicate English cotton Cluny lace gives a peek at the white cotton lawn lining below.  Tiny vintage red bugle beads have carefully been sewn on the center of each lace motif.  Both bright red and deep red accents highlight this ensemble.

Pure white mohair/silk lace yarn was used to knit the 3/4 length sleeved cardigan.  Tiny botanical holiday motifs are embroidered on the front neckline using beads and embroidery thread.

christmas wishes 012

christmas wishes 852

Alice’s other accessories include a beaded headband, bracelet, and tights.

christmas wishes 848

“Christmas Wishes” will be available tonight (November 12, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com

Wishing you all a peaceful day filled with joy and love. ❤


2 thoughts on ““Christmas Wishes”

  1. Joy

    Alice looks lovely in this wonderful outfit. Love the garland too. And the sweater, oh my, perfection at it’s finest.
    Just finished raking leaves at two out of three houses. Ours needs it too, but too tired. Supposed to rain tomorrow so more will come down anyway. The leaves falling from our three huge sycamore trees are unending. Too bad you couldn’t just push a button and have them all come down at once. Now that would clog the street wouldn’t it.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Thank you. Well, now I know why you are so busy; you have three houses to take care of. That is most definitely a full time job! Sycamore trees, hmm… not familiar with them, not sure if they grow here. We have the same problem with our trees dropping leaves little by little, and each variety has it’s own timeframe. Our magnolia leaves are finally brown (green to brown in less than a week!), but they’re still holding on. How about a tree shaker for the leaves, like the ones they use on the Christmas trees. Ha ha… don’t think that would work. Your push button invention would make you rich! Have a great Monday, Joy! ❤


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