Summer is Here!

Happy Summertime my friends!  It doesn’t quite feel like summer yet, but our calendar says it is.  We still continue to have lots of sunless and rainy days.  Now that summer has begun I hope the weather improves.  Today looks promising, finger crossed…

Tuesday was a perfect day to be outside–no wind, no rain, some sun (not too bright), and warm temps.  Since posting pictures of color inspiration for my yellow Little Darling sweater dress I have been struggling to find genuine desire to actually do the work.  The weather on Tuesday was exactly what I needed; it was a pleasure to work outside.  I didn’t finish the dress, but it’s almost there.

06-18-19 wip 4332

An organic farm near us sets up their stand on Friday afternoons.  Last Friday they had put together these peony bouquets mixed with lupines and a white allium.  The peonies smelled wonderful!  The entire bouquet lasted a week, and is still giving us a bit of magic–the smaller peony buds have started to open.

peony bouquet 4326

Yesterday my husband and I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens… yes, again.  I wanted to see the roses in their first bloom… and they were blooming like crazy.  There were roses, roses everywhere–all varieties and all colors.

2019 rose garden 4380

2019 rose garden 4416

The English Walled Garden was as peaceful and beautiful as always.

2019 english garden 4365

The fountains, which had not been going the last time we visited, were now serenading us and adding to the sights and sounds here.

2019 english garden 4354

2019 english garden 4373

This hydrangea was growing around the tree you can see in the photo above.  I thought it was interesting.

2019 english garden 4376

After walking through a few of the gardens we had lunch in the cafe.  I ordered an Ancient Grains Bowl; garbanzo beans, quinoa, cranberries, broccoli,  farro (I think), fresh spinach, and poppyseed dressing made up this yummy bowl.

2019 lunch 4417

Well, the day still looks promising here in northern Illinois.  That’ll mean two days in a row of relatively sunny weather–must be a new record for 2019!

I hope the sun is shining where you are.  Enjoy your day!  Thank you for stopping by.

13 thoughts on “Summer is Here!

  1. Joy

    Your begonia’s are beautiful. Oh, the dress too! 🙂
    The botanical gardens are always a treat for me. So serene. And the video with it’s peek into the next garden room is intriguing.
    Enjoyed seeing your lovely lunch which only serves to make me guilty. Bad me.
    I actually sewed a few things for the summer sew along with Jenn Wrenne. Forces me to get things completed with a deadline.
    We’re in for a couple of days of 90’s around here. Fortunately, it cools off at night. Headed out to water the yard before it gets any hotter. Summer has definitely arrived.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Thank you. Yes, I absolutely LOVE the gardens! They’re wonderful. I find this kind of food very satisfying–just eat too much of it. Congrats on getting some sewing done. Lack of sewing mojo is my problem right now. Oh, I hemmed a dress and shorts for me. Does that count? I think we’re having a hot week too. Today is quite humid already–need to prepare myself. Have a great week, Joy, and stay cool. ❤

  2. Linda

    Oh Cindy, what beautiful pictures and video! I, also, love to visit our botanical gardens, here in St. Louis, just 5 hours away from you! Don’t you just feel the stress drain away when strolling through the gardens?
    Your sweet little yellow dress is so warm and summery looking! I see now where you get your inspiration for the beautiful flowers you embroider on your outfits!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and video. If we ever get out your way I’d love to visit your gardens. I’ll bet their beautiful! Yes, I feel the stress drain away when I am at our gardens. It seems to happen immediately–love them so much. Thank you for the compliment on my ‘in progress’ sweater dress. Have a great week! ❤

  3. Susette

    Thanks, Cindy, for sharing your lovely pictures of the gardens. Beautiful! Always nice to see how other cities’ gardens far. I think ours in Southern California have benefited from some rain this year instead of always having to be watered but certainly not as much as you’ve received this year. Time to share?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Susette. It would be fun to visit botanical gardens all over the country, wouldn’t it? We’ve had SO much rain–everything is so green and already overgrown, and summer just started. Have a great week. ❤

  4. Wendy Marsh

    Good morning Cindy.
    I love looking at the photos you share of the botanical gardens. I am a lover of roses to and have been blessed in my new home to have them in my gardens, front and back. They are dormant right now so I am looking forward to the arrival of spring.
    Here in Australia it is early winter. We have been spoilt with our autumn being mild and warm. The last couple of days it has been very cold and I think winter has truly set in.
    I love sitting out in my alfresco area, enjoying the warm winter sun and having a cuppa. My only wish is that we get rain. We are experiencing one of our worst lingering droughts and rain is desperately needed. I am fortunate to have a rainwater tank so at least my plants can be kept alive.
    Best wishes to you and your family Cindy💐

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. I was just thinking about you and wondering how the move went. I hope you are getting settled. Moving is such hard work. I am not much of a gardener anymore which makes the botanic gardens even more enjoyable. I tried a rose garden many, many years ago and the powdery mildew and black spot took over. Even with spraying them after every rainfall they were still diseased. I don’t think your winters are as bad as ours, are they? I can’t imagine enjoying a hot drink outside during ours. I sure wish I could share our rainfall with you. We’ve had more than plenty. It’s a good thing, though, that you have a rainwater tank. That is very smart. Thank you for writing and the good wishes, Wendy. I hope you have a wonderful week. ❤

  5. josiane

    merci pour le partage! c’est rafraîchissant car ici en france il est prévu une canicule cette semaine à venir !

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Josiane. Merci d’avoir écrit. Je suis content que vous ayez apprécié mes photos. Nous sommes aussi pour une semaine chaude! Ça fait longtemps que ça s’en vient, mais maintenant que l’été est là, le temps chaud sera probablement là aussi. Passez une bonne semaine et restez cool. ❤
      Thank you for writing. I am glad you enjoyed my photos. We are in for a hot week too! It's been a long time coming, but now that summer is here the hot weather will probably be here too. Have a great week and stay cool. ❤

  6. Terrigirl2019

    Hi Cindy, we have had similar weather to you a lot of cloudy days! Yesterday was cloudy all day. I am glad you got to sit outside working on the dress. Love the white allium and its nice to get the fragrance of the peonies. The botanical gardens are just so beautiful. I am glad it is so close by to you! I love roses of all colors and these a re blooming nicely in the photos. That looks a very yummy dish for lunch! I have never had that particular one. I hope the sun has continued to shine for you , say hi to the girls , Terri xo.


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