Evianna’s First Ensemble, “Spring Greening”

Happy Sunday to you! I hope it is a good one. The sun is shining and the snow is already melting here in northern Illinois. The snowfall we had on Thursday ended up being a disappointment for me, but that is ok. The flakes were so fine that they could hardly be seen. I think we ended up with 5 inches of snow over the course of about 18 hours. Maybe the next one…

However, I still made the most of the day by staying in and finishing up Evianna’s first ensemble. It was very relaxing.

Evianna is my Christmas 2022 doll. I love getting a new doll for Christmas… or my birthday… or Mother’s Day. In fact, anytime! A box showed up yesterday and it was a dolly shaped box… but it was only a new filter for our water filtration. 😞

Evianna is the first Li’l Dreamer Dianna Effner doll. She is a sweet addition to my Dianna Effner doll family. I love her!❤️

I found this dress partially finished in a box from another doll. I guess it didn’t fit that ‘new’ doll well enough, so I abandoned it. It fits Evianna quite well, not perfect, but nice enough so I finished it and completed her first ensemble. I have no notes on which pattern this is, so I have to start from scratch for her second ensemble. Oh, well…

I dyed merino wool to get the palest shade of yellow green for Evianna’s knitwear. In the hank the yarn looked barely dyed, but when knit up it is definitely a beautiful yellow green and matches the dress florals beautifully. I made her sweater a bit longer to cover the bodice length and gave it a slight a-line shaping. After many hours of embroidering, and adding shimmery Czech glass bead buttons her sweater was complete.

The beret was looking for some adornment, so that too, got some embroidery.

To complete her ensemble I made pale pink cotton tights. Her tiny crocheted basket holds some pink blossoms. Evianna’s heart charm bracelet tells her that this ensemble was made with love just for her!

Evianna and I say ‘bye for now’. Thank you for stopping by for a visit with us today. We appreciate the company! Take care and enjoy the week ahead! 🤗❤️

15 thoughts on “Evianna’s First Ensemble, “Spring Greening”

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Patricia. Les poupées en bérets sont si mignonnes ! J’espère que vous avez une très belle semaine à venir! ❤️
      Hello, Patricia. Dolls in berets are so cute! I hope you have a very nice week ahead!❤️

  1. Joy

    Evianna, wears her new outfit so well. The yellow knit is such a perfect match too. And that darling basket is too cute. Love the handle fringe and decorative drop on the bottom. And of course, a signature bracelet. I actually made one for one of my Ruby Red girls for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, the next one will look better. The stretch cord I used should be thinner and trying to tie it off was a problem. Looks okay if you don’t look close. 🙂
    Such a sweet springy photo today. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Thank you! I am very happy with Evianna’s first ensemble…and so is she. It’s hard to find tiny wicker baskets, so I’m happy they can be crocheted.
      Tying that jewelry cord can be maddening sometimes. This is what I do: clean hands, no hand lotion/the knot needs to be a complete full knot (left over right then right over left). Sometimes I first make a left over right 2x so that it is loose and the beads can come together before a tight knot forms (put bracelet loop around something to keep it from twisting-I use the handle of my jewelry pliers) where I may not want the knot. Then, I make the remaining 1/2 of the knot (right over left). And, sometimes I need to add another left over right, and sometimes I just need to start over with the knot process. Making a small knot at the end of the left hand strand will keep you from getting confused as to which side is which. Whew! I hope that’s not too confusing. A lot of instruction for a little bitty bracelet. I use the basic .5 mm Stretch Magic. Maybe this will help…
      Enjoy the week ahead, Joy!❤️

      1. Joy

        Thanks so much for the cord/knot help. Next trip to Joann’s, I’m going to pick up the thinner cord. I used red beads and a little silver metal heart. I couldn’t tell how thick the cord was from the package. The thinner should work much better hopefully. 🙂

  2. Wendy Marsh

    Evianna looks so pretty in her new ensemble. I love the bodice length of the dress. The accessories really do complete a beautiful outfit💐😘

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Wendy. Thank you! I like this style on her too. Too bad I wasn’t a better note taker. I have no idea if I have a pattern. Most probably, I cut this one up to make the alterations for the one that actually fit the doll I was working with. So I guess I now get more practice with fitting. 🙄 I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and that the weather is a bit more comfortable.❤️

  3. Terrigirl2021

    Hi Cindy ! We have got over 20 inches of snow since we last talked , and it is snowing again this early AM ! 2 days ago we had rain, then ice to deal with , it is a crazy winter ! It is so nice to meet Evianna ! She is gorgeous, I love those big blue eyes of hers. I would much rather receive a new dolly than a water filter ! To my eyes the dress looks lovely on her , I am glad you were able to find it and give to her. Its Such a cute basket for her to pick flowers in. The cardigan and beret complete her first outfit beautifully, The tights are a good idea to add this time of the year ! Sending big hugs to you both Cindy, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Wow! Wow! Wow!!! That’s crazy! You’ve had so much snow this winter. More than usual? Such a crazy winter season! I don’t even feel like winter got started for us. What snow we’ve had has melted within a week of falling. In the past it would pile up for months until finally all melting in April, which seemed to take forever.
      Thank you for the compliments on Evianna’s new ensemble. I think she may be getting another new one soon too. I want to make her her very own dress pattern. So, lucky her!
      I hope you have a great weekend!❤️


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