A Peek Inside My Studio

It’s funny how some days just plan themselves out for you…

Last Saturday morning I walked into my studio not knowing what I was going to work on first.  Well, I thought, I can finally put away my new yarn (yes, the yarn I purchased in November).  In it went, into my fingering weight bin.  Uh, oh, problem!  Way too crowded in there.  No way can I rummage through there looking for a particular color.

yarn 768Time to organize!  This one little problem got me started on a task that took most of the day.  I needed to clear out some bins so I could see these beautiful new yarns, but where to put those other things?  I’ve had this little dresser in the basement storing…bubble wrap…yes, that’s correct.  I keep all that stuff.  You never know when you’ll need it for packing up whatever needs to be packed up.  I brought the dresser up to my studio and filled it with boring white fabric, some props that always look messy, and knit fabric that’s impossible to keep looking neat.  I now had lots of space to spread out my beautiful yarn.

2015 studio 285

If anyone has a solution for storing spools of ribbon please let me know. The pant hangers I use show what I have, but it is hard to get at the spools farthest away from the ends.

2015 studio 286

I now have 5 bins for my fingering weight yarn where as before I only had one. There’s even room for more… 🙂

Here's the little dresser which now gives me a place to put my serger.  :)

Here’s the little dresser which now gives me a place to put my serger. 🙂

While I was at it I snapped some pictures to show you where I (mostly) work.  I do tend to spread out into the rest of the house although I try not to, even though I have a very patient  family.

My studio is in a tiny room off of the family room.  When we bought the house it was listed as a bedroom, but was being used as an exercise room.  I took the closet doors off to make the room seem roomier and removed the vinyl vertical blind slats off of the window treatment and hung up some white cotton sheets onto the headrail.  That’s about all I did.  After 6+ years I still haven’t gotten around to painting the paneling or removing the wall paper.  It all takes time and I’d rather be creating than painting walls.  I guess if it bothered me enough I would make changes, but it is okay as is.

2015 studio 288

At one time these DMC floss cabinets were all filled with embroidery floss. Now, with the inserts removed, they are perfect for organizing all sorts of things.

2015 studio 299

2015 studio 289

2015 studio 291

2015 studio 301

You can see that I haven’t yet put away the fabric that I bought in December.  Maybe next month?  Hopefully I will have room for that.

2015 studio 295

So, that’s my little creative corner of the world (house).  It is small, but cozy, and a nice place to spend my time being creative.

12 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Studio

  1. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    Ooooohhhhh, How I enjoyed today’s post. I just LOVE looking at how others have their sewing rooms arranged! Yours is divine! it might be small, but it’s divine! I absolutely LOVE your DMC floss cabinet… where on earth did you snag that piece? It helps keep all those little things organized! Where do you do your photo shoots? I just remembered, so many of your dolls are so tiny, they don’t take up as much “background” room as the bigger ones.

    My solution to all my ribbons and trims was to wrap them on cards and then stack them. I’m sure you saw my post on that…if not, I’ll be glad to send you a few pics of it. It has been wonderful to not have to fight the spools anymore.

    I’ve already looked at your post 3 times and I’m sure I’ll get a few more viewings in before the day is over. I love to look at every nook and cranny in your pictures. It’s very nice!!!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne, Those DMC storage pieces are separate cubes. I think there are about 25 there? They can be stacked any way you want. Needlework shops used to use them to store their DMC floss stock. I got them from Brewer Sewing Supply in Chicago 20+ years ago. I was thinking of getting rid of them when we moved, so glad I didn’t.
      I know I saw your post on storing ribbon, but I would love to see it again. Is there a way to search for keywords on your blog?
      For photos, I take them 2-3 ft. in front of the window with a piece of organza or the sheet covering the window. It depends on lighting outside. I use a wooden stand to stand the doll on. I have a studio light for lighting from the front. That’s all I do.
      Thank you for your comments! 🙂

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        Yes, it worked. Thank you, Jeanne. You’ve got us all beat storing ribbon and it looks so pretty like that too. It’s like a little shop of trims you have there.

  2. Eva Marie

    What a lovely studio. It’s nice to see your dolls watching over everything.
    I like the multi pronged hangers for ribbon spools. I’m going to get one for my washi tapes.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Eva, Thank you. Yes, I enjoy having some dolls out while I saw. The ones that I don’t sew for any longer get rotated around. It usually depends if they have something to wear for the current season or holiday.
      I’m not familiar with the multi pronged hangers. I’ll keep my eyes open in the hanger section next time I am shopping.

  3. Carol Christiansen

    Thanks so much for sharing, Cindy! I love seeing your little studio. Now I can picture you working there….creating your beautiful works of art! Carol

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Carol. Thank you for your sweet comment. I am glad you liked my studio photos. It’s small, but it fits me perfectly. Your comment reminded me of my dear grandmother. She always liked to see pictures of my apartment or house. Every time I moved she would need updated pictures of my new place so she could picture where I was.

  4. Pennie Paxton

    When I look at your personal photo and then see your sewing studio…in both I see romance, beauty, delicate intricacies and charm. How I enjoy your posts, but especially today’s. Just Lovely! Pennie

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Aww, thank you Pennie. What nice things to say. You’re so sweet! I appreciate your kind words so much. 🙂 I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you. My studio isn’t always this neat. I work better in a neat space though, so I try to keep it up by at least putting things away after a project is finished.


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