Things Are Looking “Love-ly” Around the Studio

Hearts…and roses…and chocolate (yum)…and everything pink and red…

You know the day…Valentine’s Day, and it’s fast approaching.

Ever since I finished up Christmas and winter outfits for the girls I’ve been surrounded by pink and red fabric, yarn, embroidery thread, beads, and all kinds of heart motifs.  I love these pretty things in the middle of winter.

red roses for my sweetie 134

My Kaye Wiggs Millie is here to show you her brand new embroidered sweater dress, striped tights, pink hair bow, and bracelet set.  The creation of this outfit actually started with the striped tights which left Millie sitting around wearing not much else until the sweater dress was finished.  The poor girl got a bit chilly, I think, but she didn’t complain.

The dress is hand knit in natural Peruvian Highland wool and embroidered with pink/red bullion stitched roses and rosebuds, two kinds of sky blue beads, and a delicate strand of neutral green thread for the leaves and stems.  Millie has a rosy pink knitted headband that ties in a bow to hold back her long, beautiful blonde locks.  A pink bugle bead bracelet with a heart and rose dangling from it complete this outfit.

red roses for my sweetie 139

red roses for my sweetie 145

red roses for my sweetie 136

red roses for my sweetie 142

Millie wishes you a “love-ly” week!

For more information on Millie’s new sweater dress set, please visit the “Available for Sale” page on my website, Cindy Rice Designs.

4 thoughts on “Things Are Looking “Love-ly” Around the Studio

  1. Jeanne

    HI Cindy,
    Your Millie must have had a face up because she is beautiful. I had one but her eyebrows made her look so worried like. I never bonded with her and finally sold her to a lady in Russia. Your doll is exquisite and so is her sweater dress. You do amazing bullions!!!
    Hope you’re staying warm…it’s PRETTY cold out there today!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Jeanne, I guess I got lucky with Millie. She has the standard factory face up. There’s enough to worry about in the world without having our dolls remind us to keep on worrying, right? I’m sorry you didn’t bond with your Millie, but glad you were able to find a new home for her. Thanks for the compliment on my bullion embroidery. The right needle does wonders for this stitch.
    As for staying warm, we’re trying. We (and the dog) bundle up to go out for a 20 second “you know what” break. We have a chihuahua with teeny tiny paws about the size of my thumb. They can freeze so quickly. Poor baby! And, it’ll be colder tomorrow. Yikes!


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