Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

March is Coming in Like a Polar Bear…Brrrr, Cold!

Oh, yes, it is!

Doesn’t spring seem like it will never, ever happen?  This winter has felt exceptionally long to me.  To you, too?

march is coming in like a polar bear 609This morning the snow was coming down in such big flakes it looked like someone from above was tearing up Kleenex tissue and dropping it from the sky.  After Mother Nature decided we had had enough snow she gave us some sleet.  I admit It was kind of interesting listening to the sleet crackle as it hit the snow, but then I didn’t have to drive in it.

My poor little chihuahua did NOT like the feel of that sharp stuff on his delicate little legs.  He looked so bewildered as he stepped in the snow and expected it to be soft as it always is.  Poor guy.

march snow 722

My “big” feet next to tiny chihuahua prints.

The critters got busy filling up their little tummies this morning.  We have at least two grey and three black squirrels that visit our feeder.  One of the grey squirrels seems to be the bully of the bunch as he is always doing the chasing.  I caught him chasing one of the black squirrels up a tree.  (It was a lucky shot, these guys move so fast!)

march snow 711

march snow 719And…here is the grey “bully” squirrel with the feeder all to himself while the birds patiently wait for their turn.

We get lots of cardinals here in northern Illinois.  Their coloring looks so beautiful on these dreary days.

march snow 708

march snow 720

We’re supposed to have a record breaking cold spell this week too.  Ugh!  Hope you’re having nicer weather than we are.

Where are you spring?