Daily Archives: March 25, 2015

Little Lady in Lilac

I’ve never dressed Millie in anything purple or lilac and I really like her in it, don’t you?  To me, she looks like a southern belle all dressed up for Easter, a Sunday outing, or even a garden wedding.

When I started making this outfit for Millie I thought I would have to keep the color palette to purples, but I noticed that the roses had the lightest of pinks in them.  I found that pink went beautifully with the sweater so kept it as my primary embroidery color.  I used the pale pink again for the ribbon tie, purse, tights, and hat.  It really warms up the lilac color and livens up what could have been a monochromatic ensemble.

little lady in lilac 232

little lady in lilac 222

little lady in lilac 205

little lady in lilac 210

little lady in lilac 235

little lady in lilac 230How about you?  Where do you think Millie is off to?

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