Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

Roses First Bloom

When I had a rose garden the first bloom cycle in the spring was the most abundant and beautiful.  It seemed like every rose bush was in bloom at the same time.  This year I would love to catch this first bloom at one (or all) of the rose garden I often visit.  I’ll admit that right now with snow on the ground and frigid air whipping up the snow outside roses blooming in a garden seem like a very distant happening.

It is so rewarding that I can make roses bloom in my studio whenever I wish.  This past week I made Kaye Wiggs Millie this very rosy ensemble.  Not only is Millie a smaller BJD she is also petite so this small rose print worked perfectly for her.  Her cardigan is wooly and warm, but is also colorful, and sure to brighten up your world.

springtime brings roses 670

springtime brings roses 679

springtime brings roses 677

springtime brings roses 661

springtime brings roses 668

springtime brings roses 639

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