Daily Archives: March 19, 2015

A Shower of Roses

As we move towards April I am aware of the chant, “April showers bring May flowers”, and I always think to myself that it’s the “April showers” bit that I wish we could leap right over to get to the good part, the “May flowers”.  However, we need the rain to wash away the winter grime to make everything outside shiny and new.  Of course the rain helps to restart the growth on the trees and plants too.

As I finished embroidering this sweater for the Little Darling the little rosebuds trailing down the sweater reminded me of a spring rain shower, one that is gentle and warm, and (my favorite part) with the sunshine following close behind.

a shower of roses 917

a shower of roses 973

a shower of roses 032

a shower of roses 043

a shower of roses 014

a shower of roses 968

For more information on “A Shower of Roses” ensemble for the Little Darlings please visit the “Available for Sale” page on cindyricedesigns.com .