In & Out of the Studio

How’s the first week of this new season going for you?  It started out pretty nice for us, but it is rapidly going downhill—cloudy, rainy, cool cold today.  Oh, and it will get worse as the week progresses; snow flurries are predicted.  Happy spring!

I had two outfits to pack up and mail on Monday.  Thought I’d show you how I wrap up my outfits in case you are curious.  It’s no big production, just the way I package right now.  I put my Amelia Thimble and Pukipuki sets into a small box.  This way the hat will not get crushed, which is especially important for the crocheted brimmed hats.  I sew the pieces onto card stock like how the first Barbie® clothes were packaged.  I use plastic envelopes for mailing these little boxes.  They can be mailed first class as they only way a few ounces.

packing puki's dress 455

I don’t use a box for the larger doll ensembles; they aren’t needed with the Priority boxes I use.  First, I put all of the accessory pieces is small zipper bags, wrap the knitwear in tissue paper, stuff the sewn dress with tissue to keep it from getting wrinkled.  All of these pieces fit in a larger zippered bag.  I then wrap the bag in tissue; you can see the package below.  I used to use ribbon to tie the package, but ran out one day.  I got the “brilliant” (ha ha) idea to use coordinating or matching yarn from the ensemble to tie up the package.  The yarn can then be reused for hair bows or whatever other creative purpose my customers can think of.  I print out a little thank you note card with a photo of the ensemble, its title, and month/year made to include with the ensemble for future reference.  I use brown paper to wrap up this package and into a Priority box it goes.

packing 457

Outside of my studio I found this tiny clump of crocuses that naturalized a few feet away from the main grouping of crocuses.

crocuses 460

On Monday this was what a few of my dolls were wearing.

gracie millie sugar 429

I still had my husband’s macro lens on my camera, so took a few more close up shots of the orchids in the bay window.

orchids 462

orchids 464

orchids 474

orchids 479

orchids 489

And,… that was how the beginning of my first week of spring went.  How was yours?

Oops, forgot to mention that Jpop will have a few Gracie elves and humans for sale on Thursday night.  Here’s the link:  Extra Gracie BJDs.  Also, I think, but not positive, that you will need an account with them, so I’d make one ahead of time if you don’t have one.  I imagine that these will get sold in seconds, so good luck.

4 thoughts on “In & Out of the Studio

  1. Joy

    So springy! The outfits, flowers, just lovely. That macro lens makes such great shots, along with your vision! I just finished making a couple of miniature tv remotes for the dolly’s new tv as well as a few tiny magazines. Fun props.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Joy! That sounds like fun. Do you print out reduced (in size) photos to make them? What are your dolls favorite shows? Such a cute idea… Thank you for the compliments on my photos. Have a great Thursday.

  3. jeannecrg

    Hi Cindy,
    Its always fun for me to see how others package up their things! Beautiful…just beautiful!
    I don’t know which is prettier…the flowers or your doll dresses!
    Thanks for sharing with us…
    Blessings. Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      It IS always fun to get a behind the scenes look at how others work. I always enjoy the glimpses you gives us of your studio and work in progress. Glad you enjoyed my floral photos too. Thanks for your comment. ❤


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