Daily Archives: March 8, 2016

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Both yesterday and today we’ve had the most perfect springlike weather here in northern Illinois.  It was so glorious today that our happy little crocuses woke up from their long winter’s nap.

crocuses 089

crocuses 086

As I was sewing yesterday (Millie is getting a new dress) I kept glancing up at Gracie.  Hmmm, wonder what she’d look like in another wig… I decided to try Talyssa’s “messy braids” wig on her.  I have no idea the name or maker of this wig.  The braids stay braided very nicely though— I like it a lot.

gracie in talyssa's wig 074

Does anyone know who makes this type of wig?  The fibers aren’t as silky as those on a Monique wig.

gracie in talyssa's wig 064

I am getting tired of the few mohair colors of yarn that I have, and wanted to see if a finished sweater would dye up nicely.  Because the fibers are so long and fuzzy, I don’t even want to try dyeing the yarn; I fear a tangled mess.  I wanted very light colors, so mixed up super light dye.  The sweaters came out darker than I expected and a slightly different shade than what the dye bath looked to be.  The sweater ended up being very pretty pastel shades though.  I dyed the real thing today and took photos of the process to show you soon.

hand dyed 078

My husband bought me a bunch of yellow tulips this weekend.  Sugar took one look at the bouquet and had to check them out.  She said that they were so pretty and they matched her dress perfectly.  Whoa, hang on tight, Sugar!

sugar tulips 053

sugar tulips 056

sugar tulips 050

She made it!  What a little monkey!

sugar 060

Thanks for stopping by!  Bye for now!