Miscellaneous Ramblings

Both yesterday and today we’ve had the most perfect springlike weather here in northern Illinois.  It was so glorious today that our happy little crocuses woke up from their long winter’s nap.

crocuses 089

crocuses 086

As I was sewing yesterday (Millie is getting a new dress) I kept glancing up at Gracie.  Hmmm, wonder what she’d look like in another wig… I decided to try Talyssa’s “messy braids” wig on her.  I have no idea the name or maker of this wig.  The braids stay braided very nicely though— I like it a lot.

gracie in talyssa's wig 074

Does anyone know who makes this type of wig?  The fibers aren’t as silky as those on a Monique wig.

gracie in talyssa's wig 064

I am getting tired of the few mohair colors of yarn that I have, and wanted to see if a finished sweater would dye up nicely.  Because the fibers are so long and fuzzy, I don’t even want to try dyeing the yarn; I fear a tangled mess.  I wanted very light colors, so mixed up super light dye.  The sweaters came out darker than I expected and a slightly different shade than what the dye bath looked to be.  The sweater ended up being very pretty pastel shades though.  I dyed the real thing today and took photos of the process to show you soon.

hand dyed 078

My husband bought me a bunch of yellow tulips this weekend.  Sugar took one look at the bouquet and had to check them out.  She said that they were so pretty and they matched her dress perfectly.  Whoa, hang on tight, Sugar!

sugar tulips 053

sugar tulips 056

sugar tulips 050

She made it!  What a little monkey!

sugar 060

Thanks for stopping by!  Bye for now!

12 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Ramblings

  1. Joy

    I think our crocus may have croaked. 😦 Haven’t seen then in a long time. Yours are lovely. Ours were purple. We however have had tons of daffodils. Rain has beaten them down though. Not bad, we need all the rain that comes. Only two tiny tulips. Guess we need to plant some new ones next fall. I’m only on the early learning curve with wigs. Can’t help you there. I keep looking at your postings of wigs for help. And Sugar looks like she knows her limits and is very careful. Great photos. Can’t wait to see your dye photos/information. The sweaters look to be in fetching colors.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I’m sorry your crocuses croaked, Joy. Maybe they’ll make an appearance next year? Our white ones started blooming today. Daffodils are lovely. They have naturalized along roadways here and it looks so pretty. When the daffodils bloom spring will really be here; we are just being teased right now, I’m afraid. I read somewhere that tulips should be treated as an annual; they don’t naturalize and come back in lesser quantities with each passing year. Many years ago, I planted hundreds of tulips in many different varieties. The lily shaped tulips were the ones that came back year after year.
      I’ll get my intro to dyeing post written soon. Thanks for commenting, Joy!

  2. Catherine

    Our crocuses are already faded, they were purple and white, yellow have disappeared this year! Tulips begin to bloom. I looked carefully to see if Sugar (or her sister!) was hanging to the stems, but I have not seen anyone!!
    The two sweaters are beautiful and I love Gracie with her new wig!
    Have a good day!
    Here it is cold and sunny, yesterday, there was snow!
    Friendly yours,

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      I told my girls no climbing on the tulips, only looking. I can’t believe they listened to me. Usually they do what they want. Thank you for the compliments on my dyed sweaters and Gracie’s new look. I’m sorry you have snow. We’ve had another springlike day today, but I keep telling myself not to get used to it. We can still get a little snow in April around here. Hope you have a very nice Thursday.

  3. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy,
    Quickly before I forget…the wig is called Kana Wild and it’s the same one Elin wears all the time. You can find them at Jpop dolls. I love them braided like that and think Gracie looks fantastic in it!
    I’ll have to check out my yard for some little “surprise” flowers. I think the sweater colors are gorgeous…so soft looking.
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      Thank you very much! I checked them out at Jpop. They must have been very popular since they only have blue and pink left. Mine must have been braided by the previous owner.

      Yes, please let us know what’s blooming around your yard.

      I’m a sucker for pastels. The “real” one is dyed even lighter. I was going for more of a tinted looking pink sweater as a background for the embroidery.

  4. Renee Adams

    What enchantment! I glory in the little miracles of Spring – each thing waking up to see the sun.
    Sugar is irresistible hovering by your tulips. Can’t wait to see the sweater dyeing process. How pretty the finished ones are! Genius. I’m always thinking of dying something but talk meself out of it because of uncertainty.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Renee,
      I’ll get my post written soon, I promise. It really is easy. I’ve figured out lots of little things to pass on to help with the process.
      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Joy

    Forgot to add. Have you seen the little cute dollies by my meadow? meadowdolls.com They have a Tella and Patti who are awfull cute. Unfortunately, I just missed the order date.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Thank you for introducing me to Meadow Dolls. I’ve never heard of her dolls before… They are very sweet. I watched her You Tube video that shows a face up being done. I wish I knew how. I’d love to bring a doll to life. Quite often I entertain the idea of making a soft doll and then dressing her.


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