Gracie’s First Outfit

My new Kaye Wiggs MSD, Gracie, has her very first ensemble to show you…finally, sorry for the delay, but here she is now!  First of all, I am very happy to say that the only adjustment I needed to make from Talyssa’s patterns were for the length of the skirt, yay.  The two girls are thrilled to be able to share clothes.

For Gracie’s first outfit I picked out a favorite print that I used last year for Patience.  I also had this print in the pink color way and a tinier coordinating print.  You can see those outfits here, here, and here.  If you’d like to read the blog posts from those outfits they are here, here, and here.

x roses for my beauty 974

Gracie is wearing a Kemper Raven mohair wig in blonde (8-9) and her original dark brown glass eyes.

roses for my beauty 852

Gracie’s sweater is knit with a pima cotton/Modal® in sport weight.  The Modal gives the yarn a slight silkiness.  Two mirrored image rose bouquet motifs are hand embroidered to coordinate with the dress.

roses for my beauty 029

I wished that the crystal beads I used for the buttons were a bit larger, but they went so well that I decided to use them anyway.  I added more “buttons” than I would have if they had been larger.  They are a very pretty champagne colored AB rondelle shape and added a bit of lightness and sparkle to the sweater;  the sprays of white/ecru colonial knot flowers seemed to pop a little more with these beads.  These crystals are so pretty that I used them for the basket’s tassel and Gracie’s bracelet too.

roses for my beauty 023

roses for my beauty 010

roses for my beauty 867

Gracie’s light blush pink headband is crocheted with beads, Czech crystals and seed beads; it has a luxurious weight to it because of the weightiness of the beads.

roses for my beauty 018

Gracie is a larger doll, so I was able to make a more colorful bouquet for her Victorian styled basket.  The bouquet is removable and can be held by itself as if the flowers were just picked.  A clear band holds the stems together.

roses for my beauty 858

roses for my beauty 929

roses for my beauty 864

“Roses for my Beauty” will be available for sale Monday night, March 7, 2016, 7:00 pm, CST.  Go to my “Shop What’s New” page at

8 thoughts on “Gracie’s First Outfit

  1. Joy

    I like Gracie in the blond Kemper wig. With her brown eyes peeking out she is adorable. I think the bling buttons really add to the sweater and headband. Another fantastic outfit! Did you ever send your P.O. as I did not receive.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Good morning, Joy. Thanks so much from Gracie and I. I snapped a photo of her in Talyssa’s “messy braids” wig. She looks cute in that one too. I’ll share those photos a little later.

  2. Regina

    Gracie is just lovely! I love how the pink sweater brings out her blushed cheeks. Another beautiful ensemble!

  3. Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    HI Cindy,
    Don’t faint… and don’t adjust your monitor…it’s me… and I’m long overdue in commenting on your dresses! I have looked at them and you are so talented… the dolls you sew for must feel very happy to model your things!
    Gracie looks exceptional in this pretty pink print dress and little sweater. I love the extra sparkle of the crystals you used for buttons, and on her headband and her bracelet. She is very pretty with those big brown eyes of hers looking at us…
    This is a beautiful set and so perfectly made. I was noticing the armholes on her dress, since I just tweaked Ten Ping’s little dress pattern, I noticed yours. They are a perfect fit!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Jeanne,
      I almost did… faint! ha ha It IS SO nice to see you here, really and truly! I need to be better with your blog too. I’m getting lazy! Sorry.
      Crystals have never seemed to work with anything I’ve made before making this one for Gracie. They brought out the white flowers the perfect little bit; pearls were too much. So glad I have tons of supplies; you never know what will work. lol
      Thank you for noticing the armholes. I am always concerned about that too. Drafting Penny’s bodice was the most challenging; her hands are very wide and her upper arms are twigs. I got lucky with Penny’s pattern and it looks fine on her. Even though there is a little space underneath Gracie’s arm, the armholes on this bodice couldn’t be any smaller; it’s a perfect fit over her hand.

  4. Catherine

    What a beautiful ensemble! Gracie is adorable ! Her jewels and her basket of flowers are very cute!
    Thank you for your great pictures!
    Have a good afternoon!


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