Making Room for New

As I mentioned in my last post, we got back from our “vacation” in Florida late Friday night.  I put vacation in quotes because it wasn’t really a vacation in the sense that we think of vacations.

My entire family—brother, sisters, their husbands and wife, all my nieces and nephews—all gathered for my parent’s memorial service last weekend.  My dad passed away in February and my mom in April.  It took this long for everyone to be able to be together, and that was the most beautiful thing, that we were all together to celebrate my parent’s life!  So, even though it was a sad weekend because they weren’t with us in body, they were with us in spirit.  I know it made them happy that we were all together.

My sisters and I also had the job of going through their home and either donating or taking things that we wanted to keep with us.  We donated bags and bags of basic items, but those special things that had memories for us got saved.

My mom loved music, and while planning my parent’s memorial mass, we couldn’t remember if my mom’s favorite song was Ave Maria or Amazing Grace, so we had both at their mass.  Afterwards, I found a little music box, that plays a song as you wind the crank, in my mom’s dresser.  I thought it was cute, so took it home with me not knowing the song it played.  When I got home I took the time to listen to its tune—it played Ave Maria.  Okay, Mom, I get it, Ave Maria was your favorite. ❤ ❤ ❤

ave maria music box 931

There were a few sets of items that needed to be divided up because the memories were so dear.  For instance, a set of porcelain ducks and bunnies, four total—two of each, my sister and I each took a duck, and my other sister took the set of bunnies.  My mom couldn’t part with the bunnies either; she inherited them when my grandmother passed, so she had all four pieces.  These were Easter table decorations from when I was quite young; the ducks were at our house and the bunnies were at my grandparent’s house.

duck 906

My little duck will be residing in this display cabinet.  He will hang out with the two Kitchen Fairies, which were gifts to my mom from my daughter.

duck kitchen fairies 917

My mom’s two squirrels (the larger squirrels) are visiting us at the moment.  They will travel around visiting other family members throughout the years (my brother’s creative idea!).  They even made a new squirrel friend at our house.  Hmm, wonder where they will go next.

squirrels 923

 It was a full weekend finding the perfect spot for our new mementos.  Being surrounded by some of my parent’s things is like a warm hug from them both; everywhere I look are memories of them.

I felt since I was bringing in so much new, I had to get rid of some of the old, so we went through our stuff and donated what we no longer wanted or needed.

As far as dolly related working goes, this is all I managed to get done over the past couple of weeks—five sweaters knitted!  I will get them blocked today . . . at least.  Don’t they look a mess right off the needles?  Thank goodness for blocking.

06-13-16 930

Well, I’d better get started with my day.  I need to go to the post office and collect two weeks worth of mail, yikes.  As for dolly things, hopefully, I’ll be able to do more than block those sweaters.

Have a great day everyone!  Thanks for reading.

Oh, I have a new doll on the way!  I can’t wait to introduce her to you!

12 thoughts on “Making Room for New

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Orli,
      I did get most everything crossed off my to do list from yesterday. It is still early this morning, and I was able to finish up my tasks from yesterday and then some. 🙂 Hope you have a nice day.

  1. Sharon O'Shea King

    Thank-You for sharing your beautiful memories. I’ve lost both my parents.. and my ‘sister,, my best friend. It is comforting to me to read such a lovely post. May God Bless you all! <

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed my post. It feels good to get my thoughts and feelings down “on paper”. I am sorry for the losses of your family members. It is so hard to be left behind, isn’t it? Thanks so much. Thinking of you.

  2. Joy

    So wonderful that you and family could get together for the memorial. Love the special memories little goodies. Glad you’re sharing the squirrels. Sometimes, it isn’t so easy dividing up things. I remember a relative who had to divide with her sister. They even spent time dividing hair pins. Can you believe?
    Your duckie is so cute. You might have to knit him a nest for Easter.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      This whole process was such a hard one for us all; we constantly had to put up with eachothers idiosyncrasies. I can easily see how families can fall apart after going through the loss of their parents. Happily we are still talking to each other and are probably closer. Yay!
      Oh, I’m sure my duck would love a little nest! I once saw a set of our bunnies at a hospital resale shop, but didn’t buy them, wish I had. Have a great day, Joy!

  3. Carol Christiansen

    Dearest Cindy…..It is wonderful to hear that your entire family gathered together to celebrate the lives of your mother and father. I love the beautiful way that you write about the entire time that you were together. Sorting through parents’ belongings is one of the most difficult tasks we are ever faced with doing. I am especially happy that you brought home special mementos of your mother’s! It is good to have you back home, Cindy….and that you feel inspired to dive into your projects. Sending you my love and warmest hugs….Carol

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Carol,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. It feels good to write about my feelings, thoughts, and show photos; I find that it is very therapeutic. I agree, it was a very hard task sorting through everything that they no longer need, but we got through it. I am happy to be home too, thank you for the welcome.

  4. Marian

    Dear Cindy, You brought back some wonderful memories for me. I too own a pair of those wonderful ducklings which were my son’s favorite Easter decorations.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Aww, you have the ducks too! ❤ There's something about them that is so precious! Thanks for sharing your memories with your little pair.


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