Some Photos from my Studio

Hi all!  We just got back last night from our “vacation”.  I’ll write more about that later.  The rest of this post was written 10 days ago; I got too involved in life stuff to even post it.  So sorry to neglect you all.  Here it is.

Here are a few photos around my studio for you.

I redressed my Kish Tulah and Riley in my “old” crocheted dresses.  Look at Riley’s embroidery work.  I think I’ve improved since I made this one.  My bullion roses are quite crude compared to my roses now.  I guess practice makes “more” perfect (can’t say mine are perfect); it is nice to see where I started though.  However, to be fair, it is quite difficult to embroider on crocheted cotton.

Tulah was never my favorite of the little Kish crew, but I now find her face more captivating than Riley’s.  Isn’t she sweet!

may 2016 862

Lilah, Ann Estelle’s little sister, is wearing another “old” piece of mine, a crocheted romper.  I remember that I had found (years ago) a little girls romper in a catalog that was made in fabric, and copied it in crochet.  Her little crocheted shoes are embellished with crocheted flowers too.  Lilah’s wooden rocking horse is from a stuffed bunny; it fits her perfectly.

may 2016 901

I don’t know if I’ve ever shown you this doll I made from a free Black Apple pattern .  (I found a link for you from a Martha Stewart page in case you’d like to make one too.)  She’s been sittin’ around in my studio for years.

may 2016 887

Not all hand dying projects work out.  I knit this dress for Sugar and then hand dyed it.  You can see how the dye is lighter on the front lower half.  I have no idea why this happened, but Sugar doesn’t seem to care; she knows it will be hers to keep, although the likelihood of it getting buttons and embroidery is nil.  Her bangle bracelet is from one of my daughter’s old camisoles.

may 2016 878

My daughter made this banner with cute scrapbook paper and embellishments.  She didn’t know what to do with it, so I got it!  On top of the cabinet are empty jars from candles where I store small balls of yarn, scraps of yarn, and old spools/thimbles.  I keep props and cute things in the display case.  I’ll have to open it up and let you peek inside sometime.  🙂

may 2016 897

Hope you all have a very nice day.  Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “Some Photos from my Studio

  1. Joy

    Sounds like a well deserved vacation for you and family.
    I too have Tulah, Riley, and Lilah as well as lots of the Ann Estelle group. Tonner/Engelbreit just introduced a new Ann Estelle at his convention. I wasn’t there. Looks just like the old Ann. Has a 10″ version as well as a more mature size on an Ellowyne body. Was hoping for some new 10 inch characters.
    Nice to have a daughter who makes neat things!

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Joy,
    I saw the convention Ann also, and yes, she does look like the past dolls. Nothing new to tempt me either. Also, I really only enjoy the child dolls, so the version on the Ellowyne body didn’t make me want to add another doll to my collection. How about you? My daughter doesn’t make too many things, so I cherish what she does make. Thanks for commenting. I hope you are enjoying your picnic.

  3. Marian Nozinski

    Cindy, You’re right there is something so endearing about Tulah. In fact I ran over to my display case and pulled both her and Riley out for a closer look. While Riley has a classically beautiful face, Tulah’s is so much more interesting and engaging.


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