Many Outfits are in Progress

Hello everyone!  The summer season has officially started here in the United States.  Yay!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to chat last week.  My daughter graduated from high school and it was super duper busy around here.  So many good byes and things ending . . . it’s hard.  I know there will be lots of new beginnings, but the endings are sad, they really are.

Last week, I sewed . . . and sewed; I ONLY sewed!  I didn’t knit, crochet, embroider, or complete any ensembles.  When I would get some time, I would run down to my studio to sew another dress.  Now I have 5 dresses waiting for their sweaters to be knit and/or embroidered.

5 in dresses 847

You can see who the dresses are all for.  I do at least have all the sweaters planned—Patsy’s is knit already.  I’m going to knit all of the sweaters and then go back to embroider and complete the ensembles.  Gotta sometimes change things up.

Gina’s sweater will be knit with white lace weight mohair and then dyed a very light rosy pink.  Lucy’s  will be a light pink bamboo.  Gracie’s cardigan will be white pima cotton/bamboo.  Patsy’s is white mohair lace.  And, Millie’s will be knit with pink baby alpaca/silk lace yarn.  I also have a small ball of merino lace yarn that I hand dyed (a couple weeks ago) a light sky blue to knit a dress for Sugar.  I guess I’d better get knitting!

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!  Bye for now!

10 thoughts on “Many Outfits are in Progress

  1. Ann

    You are such a busy lady, but your results are gorgeous. I totally understand how you feel about sad endings, but looking forward to new beginnings. There are many of them as we watch our children grow, and become adults. Hang in there mom, there will be more of these sad times, but so many, many more wonderful things to look forward to. I know for a fact that it just keeps getting better. I have 7 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Five of all these children are girls, so you can just imagine the doll fun we have.

    I would just love a Little Darling doll to add to my collection, but it seems they’re almost impossible to get.

    I love all your dresses and anxious to see your beautiful sweaters.


    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Ann. Yes, the Little Darlings are difficult to find. You can get on a waiting list though. I have the links to the artists on my FAQ page on my website.
      I happened to find Lucy on ebay for not too much over the cost if you are willing to wait.
      It sounds like you have a full and happy family, congratulations! It would be fun to have so many girls–lots of potential for doll fun.
      Thank you for commenting, so nice to hear from you. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Joy

    What a great photo! Love it. The girls look like they are having so much fun.
    Wow, congratulations to you and your daughter. A high school graduate. Know she was working very hard on her studies. Hope she gets a break before heading off in the fall. Lots of new adventures ahead. You should save some of her emails. We did and have had so much fun reading them some years later. Especially the ones asking for more money! Ha Ha

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hello Joy. Yep, things are changing around here. I know this summer will FLY by! I know she’ll have fun at school, and I am happy for her. I will miss her so much though!!! My days were always marked by her return from school each day, no more. She mentioned snapchat as a way to stay in touch . . . whatever that is. Thank you, Joy! Have a great day!

  4. Susan

    You are amazing, Cindy. Those dresses are lovely and your attention to every single detail is what makes them all so exquisite when you’re done. I don’t know how you can part with any of them.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks so much! It’s funny, but if I didn’t sell my doll outfits I don’t think I would keep making them. Having them pile up and up would create stress for me. I guess I don’t have much of a collector’s spirit. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Sonia

    All your dresses are so pretty and a lot of work involved there! Congratulations on your Daughter’s graduation from High School! Will she be going to a college away from home and will have to move? It’s hard to accept them, graduating, but is harder to see them move away to go school. If they stay in the general area, I think it is easier. You wouldn’t miss them that much, if they are close to home.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sonia,
      Thanks so much. It was exciting, but sad also, to see her high school years coming to an end. That’s life, always changing! She’ll be somewhat close–6 hours. To be honest, I will miss her terribly and wish she had chosen to be only an hour away. It is her choice though, and am thankful she will not be across the country, and will be able to be home for holidays. Have a great weekend!

  6. Joy

    Hope everything is ok with you. Missing your posts a lot. Our annual family picnic is this Sunday. All the cousins and only one uncle left at age 89.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Yes, all is well. Just got back from Florida last night. Lots to do there… Hope you have a great time at your family picnic. It a bittersweet time when our elder loved ones are missing, but then happy to see the new babes join the family. I’ll be posting more now; thanks for asking. 🙂 ❤


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