“Just Peachy”

Summertime means peach time!  Who loves peaches?  In my opinion, peaches (and other summer fruits) are one of the best things about summer.  Do you agree?

Miss Patsy is feeling mighty peachy today.  It’s her turn to model my newest ensemble, and I think she likes it.  Look at that smile…!!!


Patsy’s hand knit cardi and crocheted beret are made with natural colored bamboo thread. This ensemble started with her beret.  I originally made it for my Little Darling, Alice, from a pattern I had made for the Kish Chrysalis dolls many years ago.  Here’s that VERY colorful beret.  I don’t think I’d make it this colorful again—I had 30 ends to weave in.  Ugh!

When I was knitting this beret for Alice I thought it would end up too big, so stopped a couple of rows short from what the pattern said to do.  (I’ll have to try again to make it for the Little Darlings.)  It ended up being a tad too tiny for Alice, but looked perfect on Patsy.

07-14-16 180

just peachy 816

just peachy 803

The sweater has a sprinkling of blossoms in colors from the dress print.  I added tiny opal colored seed beads to the centers of the salmon blossoms so that they would pop.

just peachy 792

Patsy wanted a tiny drawstring purse to complete her ensemble.  I had the exact shade of cotton thread.  It matched the hand dyed rayon ribbon used for the waistline sash and the hand made bow on the beret.  I love the the light peachy pink mixed with the pure peach and salmon.  Patsy’s tights are a more pastel version of peach.

just peachy 755

Patsy’s euphoria wearing her new ensemble didn’t last long as Sophie wanted to try it on.  As you can see it looks cute on Sophie too.  Sophie’s coloring actually is better suited to this ensemble, but don’t tell Patsy that.

just peachy 828

just peachy 841

just peachy 807

Patsy’s (and Sophie’s) “Just Peachy” ensemble will be available August 7, 2016 at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.  Please check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

6 thoughts on ““Just Peachy”

  1. Catherine

    Patsy and Sophie are beautiful with this ensemble! I love the beret and the sweater, embroideries are very nice! Your work is gorgeous and meticulous.
    Our sunday is sunny and mild, it’s ideal!
    Have a good aflernoon!
    Warm regards.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine,
      I decided to bring Sophie out of hiding and start doing some modeling along with Patsy. They make a great team! Thank you so much for the compliment on their new ensemble. I am happy you are having nice weather during your holiday; hope it continues all month long.

  2. Joy

    I had to flip back and forth between Patsy and Sophie, but tell them they both wear the outfit beautifully. Love the peach! I actually like the brights in the tam. Would be a cute winter hat with a sweater during those dreary days of the year. Whoops should not have mentioned the “w” word. Too soon, too soon.
    Weather here has been mild. Fog in the morning, clearing by 10 and in the 80’s. We’re preparing for a water heater run. Have to replace the used, in 1962, model for a new one at the cabin. It’s 150 miles one way, 30 miles from the nearest hardware store. Hoping we bring all of the right parts. Have to get it down a steep hill, then inside somehow. We have a dolly, but think we’re getting a bit old for this stuff. No one else to do it though. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I told them Joy! They are both smiling, and still the best of friends.

      Ha ha! Yes, no big bad winter thoughts yet. Ugh!!! I’m starting to “feel” autumn though; I’ve been putting a bit of pumpkin in my yogurt and cinnamon in my coffee. I love the flavors of autumn! I keep thinking about your yummy apple pie–need to get apples too. I want to make applesauce.

      Hope all went well getting your water heater installed. That didn’t sound like fun at all.

      Thank you, Joy!

  3. Marian

    If I didn’t know better I would bet you dye your embroidery floss to match the fabric. What am I saying, maybe you do. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Once again the outfit is just adorable. Marian

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Marian,
      I HAVE dyed my own embroidery floss (once), and it worked perfectly. However, this time DMC had the perfect color matches. I find that true sky blues are lacking in the DMC line so that is the one time I had to dye my floss. Thank you for the compliment on Patsy’s new ensemble. Hope you have a great week!


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