“Feelin’ Peachy” This (Almost) Spring

Do you believe we’ll be starting a new season in 11 days? It’ll be springtime here where I live in northern Illinois. If you are starting autumn that is a wonderful season as well. But here it’ll be spring… and, oh spring you are my favorite!

The warmer days after a cold winter are pure bliss, and all the surprises coming up in the garden are well, wonderful surprises. And we’ve already received some of these gifts. We have had a couple of days that have gone over 60° and my crocuses have started blooming. It seems early this year being that it is still early March, but so appreciated after the -24°F windchill on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to believe that was less than a month ago!

My spring welcome committee continues to grow. Bethany has received the latest spring ensemble. It’s been so long since I’ve made anything new for Bethany. Before I received my first Little Darling (Christmas 2012) Bethany got lots of new things to model.

Here is my blonde Bethany modeling “Feelin’ Peachy” for you.

Bethany’s rose floral dress is a print by Robert Kaufman from the Margeaux collection. I’ve had it in my stash for about four years. Alice received a new ensemble made from this fabric in 2017. You can see her here. Scalloped cotton lace peaks out from the hemline and a rayon ribbon sash tied around the waistline is the perfect color to add some brightness to this pastel ensemble.

Bethany’s soft and warm cardigan sweater is made with hand dyed merino wool. I dyed it in a very pale peachy pink. This yarn has become my favorite to dye and use for doll sweaters. It is Knit Picks Preciosa in fingering weight. It is a one-ply yarn which makes it a little bit fuzzier and cozier than a plied yarn. I embroidered two coordinating rose motifs on the front and added glass pearls for the buttons. I think Bethany loves it!

Bethany’s accessories include a crocheted pearl headband, rayon knit tights, and a crocheted mesh drawstring purse. She carries three little Easter eggs inside. The mother-of-pearl heart dangling from the bottom shows that I made this for her with love! 💖

I have a new YouTube video from the past week showing this ensemble in progress.

Isn’t Bethany a beautiful doll? I think she is just perfect.

How is March shaping up in your area? Did it come in like a lion or a lamb?

Sending you hugs and wishes for beautiful days ahead! 🤗💐 Thank you for stopping by.

13 thoughts on ““Feelin’ Peachy” This (Almost) Spring

  1. Anne MacInnes

    You are such a beautiful artist! I love the detail that you use………your creations are like looking at fairies!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Anne. You are so kind–thank you so much. One of my favorite illustrators is Cicely Mary Barker. Her flower fairies are sweet and charming. 💕

  2. Patricia1001

    Wouah ! quel plaisir encore cette vidéo ! C’est agréable de voir l’avancée du travail sur la jolie robe et la confection du serre-tête avec les perles et du petit sac ! Merci Cindy !

    Wow ! what a pleasure again this video ! It’s nice to see the progress of the work on the pretty dress and the making of the headband with the pearls and the small bag! Thanks Cindy !

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Patricia. Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié ma dernière vidéo. Merci beaucoup de l’avoir regardé, et merci aussi pour vos commentaires. 💕
      Hello, Patricia. I am happy you enjoyed my latest video. Thanks so much for watching it, and also thank you for your comments. 💕

  3. Jackie

    Love watching your tutorials , do you make the shoes? And is there a pattern for the tights? Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Jackie. Thank you so much for watching! 💕 The shoes are mostly from Monique Trading. Unfortunately, they are going out of business. I’ve also purchased leather shoes from Boneka.

  4. Wendy Marsh

    Good morning Cindy,
    Here Calala NSW Australia, Autumn has arrived.
    I am enjoying the slightly cooler weather although it is still quite humid. We have been getting some very good rain so I have been spending a lot of time in the garden pruning, weeding etc. I also have 100 daffodil bulbs to plant when it cools down a bit more. My 250 freesias I planted last year are starting to peek through and show themselves. They are one of my favourite flowers and the perfume is intoxicating. I have been enjoying fresh figs from my tree and I am about to make a small batch of jam some time today
    I can now get my work in progress rug I began knitting last winter, and finish it. It is about 80% completed. I also have lots of ideas for Little Grace.
    I have some lovely pieces of fabric that I want to use and also knitting ideas, the yarn stash could do with a thinning out 😊. Anyway plenty to keep me occupied during the coming cold months.
    I love Bethany, she is so sweet and she looks lovely in your beautiful ensemble you made for her.
    Take care💐

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy and thank you. 💕 Bethany has been a joy to come back to.
      It’s funny, you are planting daffodil bulbs as we are awaiting their show. I can’t wait for them to bloom as they really signal the start of spring.
      Freesias are beautiful. I am reminded of when I designed a freesia bouquet for cross stitch. It was a request from my UK distributor. I went to the flower market and purchased all the colors to work from. Out of all the designs I completed, it is one of my favorite pieces and hangs in the dining room.
      Enjoy the beginning of autumn. It sounds like you have lots of cozy things to work on. And lucky Little Grace…

  5. Jaquine

    Bonjour Cindy !
    J’adore vos créations ! Vos poupées sont magnifiquement bien habillées ! Merci pour cette vidéo qui nous donne quelques astuces de réalisations. Passez une belle journée et prenez soin de vous !

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Salut, Jaquine. Merci beaucoup! 💕 Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié mes vidéos. Bon printemps à toi. 💐
      Hi, Jaquine. Thank you so much! 💕 I am happy you enjoyed my videos. Happy spring to you. 💐

  6. Terrigirl2020

    Hi Cindy! It is getting spring like and I love it! Yesterday was gorgeous , today cloudy and windy but I will take it! Our flowers are not peeking through yet . Glad your crocuses are coming through, such a pretty flower. Oh my gosh Bethany is just so cute! The floral print is lovely and I do like the lace hemline! The waistband is so nice with it along with the cardigan . You have amazing attention to detail and shows your love for all the Girls! But i like the heart from her purse! It is so nice seeing you creating in video , and all the way to Bethany modelling her dress and accessories! It is so nice to see the spring welcome crew at the end! I think you need your own tv show! Thanks for sharing, have a nice week ahead, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. I am a little slow responding from last week, sorry. I hope you are still enjoying springlike weather and that maybe you see some flowers peeking through soon. Now that it is officially spring the warmer temps will mostly stick around. I hope so anyway.
      Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my video and my creations. 💕 My group of girls is quite happy this year as they are all getting to keep their new ensembles. 😁 They’re not used to that…
      Enjoy the first week of spring, Terri. I hope all is going as planned with your new house. 🤗

      1. Terrigirl2021

        Oh it is quite alright Cindy , we have many demands on our time, right? It was very springlike today , it rained nearly all day! But the grass is greening . Flowers are a little off in Minnesota. I hope this is real spring! You are welcome on the Videos, you do them so well!! You need a tv show! I am sure the girls love having their ensembles, they always look so pretty! Everything is set for the house , waiting on them to get permission to dig foundation ! Thanks for visiting , Terri xo.

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