My First Holiday Ensemble for the Fashion Friends

Hello to you! Welcome to this the second week of Advent. Today I have my first holiday ensemble for the Ruby Red Fashion Friends girls.

This is for my girl, Bella. Here she is to model it for you.

Her dress is made out of a festive botanical print–white poinsettias, red berries and multiple shades of greenery. I dyed a strip of cotton lace to add another pop of red. Bella also wears red tights and a red ribbon sash.

Bella’s hand knit cardigan is made with two strands of lace weight yarn held together while knitting. (For me, holding two strands of lace weight yarn will equal one strand of fingering weight.) One stand is merino and the other fuzzy mohair/silk. I embroidered tiny botanical motifs in coordinating colors sprinkled on the front of the cardigan. Bella’s cardigan buttons are red glass pearls.

Bella’s wreath is a purchased miniature which I embellished with a tiny deer, flowers, beads, and tulle bow. Bella can’t wait to hang her wreath, however, she is having a difficult time deciding where she wants it to go. Decisions, decisions… I’m sure she’ll figure it out.

How are you doing during this second week of Advent? After a week filled with appointments last week I have this week pretty open to spend at home. It’s time to start wrapping presents and making more cookies. My daughter and I made my grandma’s kolacky cookies yesterday. They’re one of my favorites and I haven’t had them in years. They are yummy, yummy, yummy!!! It’s slim to none that they’ll make it to Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today. Sending you warm hugs 🤗 and wishes for a comforting and peaceful week. 💚

12 thoughts on “My First Holiday Ensemble for the Fashion Friends

  1. Joy in northern CA

    Oh, love your Bella. She looks so sweet in the perfect outfit. Such a lucky girl. The sweater detail is charming. Please tell Bella that the Bella here is waving! 🙂

  2. Terrigirl2021

    Hello Cindy, thanks for the welcome, I hope you had a nice feast day Yesterday !! Hello Bella, The halls will be decked beautifully in your pretty ensemble ! The dress print is gorgeous ( i so want to borrow it from you !!) and I like the lace hemming in red to blend into the tights. great job of using the two strands of yarn! I always like your mohair cardigans. The wreath is so precious with the little deer also wanting to be with it. I am sure there are numerous locations Bella wants to hang it, she will find the perfect place ! That is lovely to bake cookies with your daughter Cindy! Great memories made for both of you. I have not heard of kolacky cookies, I will take your word for it that they are yummy ! We are up to 36 and sunny right now from a low of minus 5 and a minus 17 windchill on Monday, brrrr!! I still have Christmas cards to send, I need to get to them tonight ! Thanks for the sweet post, hugs to you and Bella, love, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Thank you! Bella has not yet decided where to hang her wreath–she is still wondering… Would you believe there are only a few kolacky left? I will be making another batch. Kolacky are a yeast pastry–lots of butter and eggs–not much sugar. I cut out mine in a round shape and put either cheese, prune, or apricot filling on the top in a circular shape. Right now–Sunday night–it is 43 degrees. Not too bad for December. I will be writing Christmas cards this week. Time is flying by. I hope you were able to get yours done. Have a great 3rd week of Advent! 🕯🌸

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