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Millie is “Dreaming About Spring”

Hello there! I hope all is great with you. After many days of above freezing temperatures we are starting to get spring fever here in northern Illinois. We’ve gotten so much snow this season that it is taking a while for it all to melt; it’s still pretty white out there–very few peeks of grass, but a few. The temperatures, though, have felt wonderful; the wind has stopped biting our faces when we go out for a walk.

Last week I worked on a new ensemble for Millie and she, along with the rest of my group, are now very patiently waiting and dreaming about spring.

In the meantime Millie would love to show you her new ensemble.

Her dress features stems of pink roses is on a beautiful pastel lilac-y blue color. I don’t think I have any other fabric in quite this shade of blue lilac; it’s very soft and soothing. Millie’s cardigan is knit with merino wool yarn that I hand dyed to match the pink roses on her dress. Of course she has bullion stitched embroidered roses on her cardigan. She definitely wanted those! Her crocheted basket is made with pink cotton thread and has a tri-color braided handle. The basket is holding white blossoms sitting on green Easter grass. Her headband is also crocheted, and decorated with white pearlized seed beads. For a little bit of sparkle she wears a pink crystal bracelet with a heart charm to show that I made this for her with much love. Oh, and she wears a pair of white lace tights. I think she looks sweet, do you?

So that’s what I’ve been working on this past week. I have a little YouTube video showing this ensemble in progress if you’d like to see that.

I’d love to know if you have any glimpses of the season ahead. I know for some of you that is autumn, and others like me, it is spring.

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Take care and stay safe! Hugs… 🤗 and thank you for visiting with me.

Look What’s Blooming

Look what’s blooming in my winter garden! It’s Alisha in her new ensemble. Doesn’t she look sweet? I love these colors on her, rosy mauves and sage/mint green.

I dyed the merino wool for her cardigan in a pale cool mauve. I love the snug 3/4 length sleeves on her–they highlight her graceful arms and hands. Fluttery rosebuds are embroidered on the cardigan. (I started embroidering with fully opened roses and it was too heavy looking.)

I have a new studio vlog video on YouTube. If you like you can watch and see what else I’ve been up to these past days in February.

Wishing you, my friends, a ‘love-ly’ Valentine’s Day weekend! I appreciate all of you! Thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos. 💖

A New Sweater for Didi

Hi there. I hope this post finds you happy and well. I am writing to you from snow covered northern Illinois. We had two storms in the last 1-2 weeks which each dumped 8-9 inches on us, so it is a bit deep out there. My little dogs have a circular area which we shoveled for them and the wall of snow surrounding it is quite high. It is funny to see them in their snow arena. Yes, winter is finally here!

In the last few days I wrapped up two projects: Didi’s cardigan and Rose’s ensemble.

Didi’s cardigan is complete and on its way to Linda Macario. Before I sent it out I took some photos of Bethany wearing it since she is the same size as Didi. I pinned the fabric swatches together to make a skirt so that you can see how the cardigan will look with the dress. Here’s a link to Didi wearing the dress–photos 8 and 10 show the dress.

I am so happy with how it turned out. I hope Didi likes her first sweater. 😉

I’ll save Rose’s new ensemble for my next post. Enjoy your day today! 🤗 to you, my friends.

Are you doing any doll sewing or knitting today?