Some Tiny Easter Pretties

Easter and spring dress sets continue to be made here in still snowy northern Illinois.  This week I embroidered some of the most feminine and Easter-y dresses yet.

Usually I start with the dresses and then make a hat or cap to finish off the outfit.  This time I made the hats first (no idea why, just happened that way) and I then designed the dresses to match.

I started by knitting a pink dress to match the white hat with the pink embellishments.  Initially I thought this would end up being primarily a pink and white set.  After embroidering a pink rose I thought the dress needed lavender.  I embroidered the lavender rose and then the idea was born to make a pastel rainbow of tiny roses in Easter egg colors encircling the waistline of the dress.  I’m very happy with how colorful the dress turned out.  It is definitely Easter-y, isn’t it?

easter roses 769

The next hat was very similar to a set I made last spring titled “All Dressed Up”.  I adore this thin jacquard ribbon and wanted to use it again for a new set this year.  The brighter pink I used for the rose embroidery is an exact match to the cotton I used for the hat.  Then I added a very light pink for the outer rose petals and a rosebud.  I matched the green in the ribbon for the embroidered greenery on the dress.  And lastly, the pastel pink roses needed some tiny white baby’s breath to complete this most delicate look.

delicately spring 786

easter roses 778  easter roses 779

delicately spring 800

easter roses 772

delicately spring 787

easter roses 775

delicately spring 792

Fore more information on either of these two new sets for Amelia Thimble please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .

4 thoughts on “Some Tiny Easter Pretties

  1. Jeanne

    HI Cindy,
    I just love Amelia Thimbles little “rose waisted” Easter dress! It is adorable and so clever! It’s very sweet as is the next one. It is just as cute and so adorable. I thought those were pearls
    sewn on the front of the dress. You make the sweetest little dresses and they are always a delight to look at. I love to zoom in and see the little details on the hats and the bullion roses!
    Very sweet as usual!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Sharon in Spain

    These sets are so incredibly pretty Cindy, I love them and am amazed at how tiny you can knit! 🙂
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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