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What a Difference 10 Days Make, Part 2

What happens when you don’t listen to the weather forecast for days?  Surprises that’s what and not the kind that make me smile.  The first words out of my mouth as I was pushing back the curtains in my bedroom were, “Oh, no!!!!!!!”  Who would’ve thought?  The crocuses were blooming so nicely.  It’s been gradually warming up.  Spring arrived two days ago.  The street cleaner came by on Saturday to clean the gravel off the sides of the road.  Who would’ve thought?  All these positive springlike things were taking place.  Snow was not on my radar except maybe to see it in December, which is 9 months from now.  But, Mother Nature likes to surprise us, doesn’t she?

Once again, here is the view out my studio window.

march snow 171

march snow 181

march snow 180The poor robin probably wishes that she had stayed south for awhile longer.

march snow 179

I think it is supposed to snow all morning long and it will stay cold so will not melt right away.  Someone please give me some springlike news.  I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole.

Blue Skies and Pink Roses

What a glorious day this would be!  Imagine a garden filled with your favorite pink roses and the most wonderful scent of roses filling the air!

My perfect pink rose garden would include every imaginable shade of pink from the palest “barely there” pink to the darkest “almost red” pink.  I would have English Roses as well as Hybrid Tea Roses.  I love both of these rose types.  What kind of pink roses would fill your perfect pink rose garden?

Patience has a new outfit to show you and it’s filled with pink roses!

blue skies and pink roses 159

blue skies and pink roses 065

blue skies and pink roses 137

blue skies and pink roses 098

blue skies and pink roses 128

blue skies and pink roses 079

Patience found a little bunny hopping around her rose garden.  Look at how friendly he is.

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A Shower of Roses

As we move towards April I am aware of the chant, “April showers bring May flowers”, and I always think to myself that it’s the “April showers” bit that I wish we could leap right over to get to the good part, the “May flowers”.  However, we need the rain to wash away the winter grime to make everything outside shiny and new.  Of course the rain helps to restart the growth on the trees and plants too.

As I finished embroidering this sweater for the Little Darling the little rosebuds trailing down the sweater reminded me of a spring rain shower, one that is gentle and warm, and (my favorite part) with the sunshine following close behind.

a shower of roses 917

a shower of roses 973

a shower of roses 032

a shower of roses 043

a shower of roses 014

a shower of roses 968

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