This Past Week

Here are a couple of shots from inside my studio this past week.  My desk photo shows my two projects that I had going on towards the end of the week.  Patience’s outfit is finished, but I am still knitting the dress for the Little Darlings; lots of stitches in this one.  Amelia Thimble and Izzy have been hanging out with Bella (my Bo Bergemann Dream Doll).  She is happy to have the little ones to keep her company.

wip 4-17-15 740

bella amelia izzy 736This weather this past week in northern Illinois was quite perfect.  Some days were a bit warmer than others, but all were sunny!  Since yesterday felt like summer I had to get out for a nice long walk.  I brought along my iPhone to capture spring’s progress out and about.

weeping willow budding 1699This weeping willow looked so pretty with its yellow green buds against the blue sky.  I found clumps of squill growing along the side of the road; they’re so tiny and blue.

squill 1704These are our daffodils in full bloom.

our daffodils 1694

white magnolia 1692Our largest magnolia tree looks snowy when in bloom.

white magnolia 1687

pink magnolia 743

pink magnolia 742

I love our pink magnolia tree, the blossom’s colors are gorgeous.  Today I finished Patience’s outfit and thought the tree would be the perfect backdrop for a couple of photos.

a stroll in the garden 844

a stroll in the garden 838

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

7 thoughts on “This Past Week

    1. Jevne

      Cindy, I’m anxious to see what you’re knitting for the LD dolls. I’ve always been amazed at your outfits for Amelia Thimble. I had an Amelia for about fifteen minutes but I couldn’t control her arms, they wanted to move all the time so I sold her. I have the opposite problem with Patience….she is so floppy. Do you have a special doll stand that you use for posing her? The best I could figure out was a straight piece of sturdy copper wire in a base. It worked really well with jeans because I could put the wire inside the pant leg. It works less well with dresses. Want to share what you use for a stand?

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        Hi Jevne. I use the doll stand that came with Patience. You didn’t get one with your doll? She can still fall over with this stand though. It goes around her waist and isn’t super snug. I am able to get her balanced on the stand pretty easily, bit if you bump her, look out. It sounds like you worked out a great stand on your own and it probably fits Patience better.
        That’s funny that you had Amelia Thimble for 15 minutes. She should have been named Patience because that is what is needed when working with her. Her cuteness and tininess makes me love her (and keep her) though.
        I am knitting the same type of dress for the Little Darlings as I just made for Millie. I went down a needle size though to tighten the fabric. The Little Darlings are quite a bit larger around the body, so it is taking much longer to knit.

    2. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Judith. The outdoors change so quickly during the spring and it is fun to take notice of those changes. Thank you for enjoying the peeks into my studio.

  1. Catherine

    Thank you very much for your beautiful photos of flowers!
    Patience’s outfit is very lovely!
    Have a good week!
    Warm regards.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Catherine and thank you for the compliments on Patience’s new outfit. I am really enjoying springtime this year. It’s probably because our winter was so cold (and long). Hope you have beautiful spring weather this week.

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