“Sunshine Day” for the Little Darlings

Since sunshiny days are so difficult to find this spring, I made a new ensemble for the Little Darlings that is filled with the warmth of yellows and pinks.  It’s sure to brighten your day as it did mine while I was making this set.

sunshine day y 896

sunshine day y 949

The photo below highlights how delicate my mohair/silk lace sweaters are.  It is especially difficult to embroider on such an open knit as the embroidery threads easily show through to the front of the sweater.

sunshine day y 945

(The lemon yellow/pink roses remind me of strawberry lemonade.)

I had the perfect colors of bicone crystals in my stash (thanks to my sister’s bead destashing last summer) to use for the bracelet; pastel blue, yellow, and pink match perfectly and add a bit of sparkle.  I also found a pastel yellow Swarovski crystal butterfly that matched the bicone crystals and used it for the end of the purse’s dangle.  Since there isn’t a heart on the bracelet I sewed a pink heart to the inside of the purse to show that this ensemble was made with love.

sunshine day y 938

sunshine day y 867For more information on Gina’s “Sunshine Day” ensemble please visit my “Available for Sale” page at cindyricedesigns.com .

6 thoughts on ““Sunshine Day” for the Little Darlings

  1. Marina

    So amazingly decked out in every little detail; Gina is adorable. Love the yellow on yellow polka dots. And the teensy little mohair sweater certainly is sheer… must be a challenge to knit with this fine yarn…? Nice sister for supplying some pretty crystals in just the right colors for that one-of-a-kind, made with love touch. Great photos, as always, Cindy.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Marina,
      It was nice to get Gina in something other than pink although I still managed to add some pink details. This little girl loves pink! Yes, it is more difficult knitting with this yarn, but I get used to it if I use it often enough. The other difficult thing is that the mohair is so fuzzy that it tends to get caught up in the embroidery, so yes, it is a challenge, but worth the effort. Thank you for your sweet comments, Marina!

  2. Jeanne

    Oh Cindy,
    Gina’s sweet yellow dress is truly a ray of sunshine. My favorite picture is the one where you are holding the sweater up to the light. You can’t see a single thread out of place! Amazing work that proves you are the best! Yep, you get the prize!
    This is such a pretty little set and I love all the tiny details…even the inside of the purse has details. You truly are an artist at making these little sets for the dolls!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      They don’t all work out so neatly, that’s for sure. That’s what hand made is all about, right? I don’t know where I read this, but someone who makes quilts (I think it’s quilts) intentionally puts a mistake somewhere so that because it is hand made it isn’t perfect. Did you ever hear that story? As always, I appreciate your sweet comments, Jeanne!


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