I’ve Been Busy…

I just realized that I haven’t had a blog post in September yet.  Yikes!

I have been busy though, really I have.

Here’s what’s been going on here in my creative little world.  We had some cooler weather a few weeks ago and that got me in the sweater weather mood.  However, it seemed as soon as I started knitting the first cozy sweater dress, hot and humid July weather came along and stayed for a couple of weeks, but I persevered and kept knitting anyway.  Yesterday, the hot weather broke and it is slowly getting cooler.  It is still quite humid though.  Anyway, I am collecting a stash of sweater dresses, so will have a bunch for sale one after another probably, so stay tuned.

I’ve made a sweater dress for Patsy, (I know it’s a shocker) and am finishing up one for the Little Darlings (the embroidery is pictured below).  Also, I am almost finished knitting a sweater dress for Millie (see the grape colored knitting below).

fall for sweater dresses b 876I have some tiny pumpkin dress/hat sets made for Amelia Thimble and Pukipuki, but am waiting to get another one completed too.

sugar amelia pumpkin 825

Sept '15 dresses 917

bullion rose embroidery 932

Above is the embroidery on a drop waist sweater dress for the Little Darlings.  I pulled the bead pictured below for a possible bracelet.

beads 931

The grape colored dress is for Millie and the tiny orange one on the needles is for Amelia Thimble.

daily 091015 928

See, I have been busy!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I’ll be back soon with some completed things to show you.  Hope you’re enjoying the month of September and these last couple of weeks of the summer season.

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