It’s Sugar’s Turn

It’s been a while since Sugar has had something new and she is super happy that it is her turn.

puki's pumpkin patch 893

In case you are not familiar with this doll, Sugar is a BJD from Fairyland.  She is almost 4-1/2″ tall, so she is quite tiny.

pumpkin patch 836

sugar amelia pumpkin 825Sugar isn’t much taller than teeny tiny Amelia, but she is so much easier to pose.  For instance, both of them are standing in a metal wagon and since Sugar has little magnets embedded into her feet she sticks (even while wearing these Kelly doll shoes) to the wagon.  Even if the wagon wasn’t metal she still poses so much easier.  Sugar is less kicky than Amelia and seems to stay when she is posed.   Miss Amelia LOVES to sit in my hand to model and tends to throw herself on the floor if I don’t oblige her.  LOL  I have never had any tantrums with Sugar.

puki's pumpkin patch 918Sugar’s dress is almost as tiny as Amelia Thimble’s dress.

3 pumpkin dresses 958

My Pukipuki dress is in the middle.  For more information on purchasing this dress/hat set, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .

2 thoughts on “It’s Sugar’s Turn

  1. Joy

    Whoa those Puki Fairland’s are pricey. But adorable. I have had the same problems with my Amelia. In fact, her head pulls apart because the magnets are not strong enough. Nothing like a 1/2 brain doll. In fact, that is how she arrived. Your outfits are so sweet. Perfect for those fall/Thanksgiving days.


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