One More Fall Ensemble

I have one more fall ensemble and my Little Darling, Gina, is the lucky recipient before I go full steam ahead and create ensembles for Christmas and the holiday season.

I guess fall 2015 is the season of purples.  Here’s another ensemble with a shade of lavender and pink, but this one is different.  I don’t think I have ever seen a pink like this—cool, but muted.  Usually, muted pinks go towards the peach and this one doesn’t at all, nor is it a sweet pink.  It is so hard to explain; if I were to mix it up I’d take red and white to make pure pink, add a touch of blue to cool it down,  then add a bit of yellow, so it becomes a neutral.  Anyway, it is a very pretty and unique shade of pink.

I happened to have the perfect shade of muted lavender wool which matches the stems and vines in the print.  For the embroidery, I brought in the merlot color for the colonial knot berries and a coordinating shade of the pink for the bullion, lazy daisy, and back stitched vines and leaves.

I also had the perfectly coordinating shade of merlot heather wool to make a cozy scarf.  The scarf can be worn different ways.

Gina didn’t want flowers to hold, she wanted a soft and cuddly teddy bear, so I found this one in a burgundy red and knit him up his own muted lavender scarf with fringe.  The scarf is removable too.

sweet 'n cozy fall 271This print is very feminine, so lace accents and pearls went nicely with it.

sweet 'n cozy fall 261

sweet 'n cozy fall 301

sweet 'n cozy fall 271

sweet 'n cozy fall 278

sweet 'n cozy fall 287For more information on Gina’s “Sweet ‘n Cozy Fall”, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .

Thanks for visiting and reading about Gina’s new ensemble.  Bye for now!

9 thoughts on “One More Fall Ensemble

  1. Catherine

    Gina is beautiful with her new set! The cardigan is very feminine with these lovely embroideries.
    I love the colours!
    Thank your daughter for her nice message in french! If she needs information, she does’nt hesitate to ask me!
    Have a good day!
    Warm regards.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Catherine,
      Thank you. This was my last outfit for fall. Now, it’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! I have one ensemble completed, three in the works, and hopefully lots more to start.
      You are so sweet to offer help to my daughter if she needs it. She couldn’t get more authentic information, could she? Thanks so much!
      Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

  2. Marina

    Mmmmm yum, sweet– the rich merlot berries simply sing with holiday pizzazz. And you knitted the little Teddy… you amazing woman you! .Outstanding stylist to the Dolls!

  3. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Marina,
    I love your colorful comment! Sadly, I did not knit Teddy, but I knitted his scarf. He is a miniature bear from my stash, but really wanted to be included with this ensemble since he matched so well. Thank you, Marina.

  4. judith owen

    Hi Cindy, Would you mind telling which yarn you used for the “sweet and cozy fall ensemble”? I ordered some palette yarn from knit picks but it seems so harsh. Thank you, Judi


    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      That’s what I used. It IS a hearty yarn, but my dolls don’t complain. Merino wool is softer, maybe try that. Gloss, Stroll Tweed, and Diadem are three that I have and are softer, but more expensive, and less colors are available. Also, Diadem is single ply, so harder to knit with. These fingering weights will all make a heavier sweater. If your fabric seems too stiff and dense try going up a needle size. Or, go to lace yarn for a lighter feel. Good luck. Palette really isn’t bad once it’s blocked and made up. I love all of the colors it comes in.

      1. Judi Owen

        I found it. Thank you, I will try the yarns you suggested. I love all the colors that palette comes in, but was expecting it to be softer. Thanks again, Judi

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