Daily Archives: November 7, 2015

Starting the Weekend Off Early

I got up early this morning to finish knitting a sweater dress and surprisingly caught sight of the beautiful sunrise.

sunrise 300I guess I needed a little break from Christmas colors because I picked up this ball of hot pink wool a couple of days ago.  I am almost finished, a few more rows to go.  This is for the Little Darlings and it is the same style as the winter white sweater dress I just showed you yesterday in the group shot (minus the “fur” trim).

11-07-15 303Now, back to Christmas… this is the fabric that I will be using next.  I think that I am going to make a white mohair sweater to go with it.

11-07-15 305In 2013 I used this same fabric for this Little Darling ensemble, so the white mohair sweater will be a totally different look.



Everyone, enjoy the weekend!

Bye for now!