Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

“I’m a Santa Helper”

“I’m a Santa Helper”, says my Little Darling, Gina.  She is indeed wearing all of the jingle bells and whistles to get herself noticed by Santa Claus.  Gina even has a tiny present to add to the pile for good little girls and boys.

i'm a santa helper 216Gina’s hand knit sweater dress is made from Peruvian Highland wool in winter white.  The “fur” trim at the hemline is knit with mohair/silk.  The asymmetrical waistline embroidery depicts holly, berries, and blue spruce branches.  Of course, Gina cannot help Santa without a Santa hat.  This one is in deep red wool with a hand made pom pom, jingle bell, organza bow, and a heart bead decorating the tip of the hat.

i'm a santa helper 253The red bell decorations continue on the bracelet, necklace and as a decoration on Gina’s tiny gift.

i'm a santa helper 246

i'm a santa helper 245

i'm a santa helper 219

i'm a santa helper 257

i'm a santa helper 248For more information on Gina’s “I’m a Santa Helper” ensemble, please visit the “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.