Daily Archives: November 22, 2015

“Snowmen and Candy Canes”

With our first snowfall now behind us and Christmas right around the corner, it is the perfect time to debut Gina and Lucy’s “Snowmen and Candy Canes” ensemble.

snowmen and candy canes 401

snowmen and cand canes 435The Little Darlings’ hand knit mohair/silk sweater is embellished with embroidered snowflakes in shades of light blue, crystal seed beads, and a wool felt embellished snowman.

snowmen and candy canes 465The hand knit candy cane striped scarf can be worn a variety of ways.

snowmen and candy canes 446

snowmen and candy canes 443

snowmen and candy canes 448

snowmen and candy canes 439For more information on Gina and Lucy’s “Snowmen and Candy Canes” ensemble, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.


Instant Winter!

Well, we have instant coffee and pudding, instant messaging, and now instant winter… for us in northern Illinois anyway.  Yesterday it was over a foot of snow and this morning it is 10℉ (-12℃), so it is definitely wintry out there.

Oh, what fun!!!  No, not really…  The only GREAT thing is that by the end of the week it will be in the 50s again!  Yay!

As the sun was coming up, I took some icy looking pictures.  Can you feel how cold it is?

mid november cold 568 mid november cold 572 mid november cold 576 mid november cold 586Tonight (7:00 pm, CST) I will have “Snowmen and Candy Canes” available on my website.  It’s only fitting, don’t you think?  Here’s a sneak peak.

snowmen and cand canes 435 snowmen and candy canes 415

So, who do you think models it better, Lucy (top) or Gina?

Bye for now!  I’ll be back later with the post for this ensemble.  Have a great day!