Daily Archives: November 17, 2015

Portraits of Talyssa

We had such a gloomy and wet day here.  I didn’t know it would turn out to be such a great day for some natural light photos.  Talyssa was the doll that I happened to pick up.  I thought that I’d share them with you.

There are quite a few windows in this room, but since it is a rather large room the only near light was coming from the window on my right side; I was about 12″ away.  To slightly blur the background and keep her face in focus I used an f/stop of 4, ISO of 400.  It was almost too dark in the room to take these without a tripod because the little red “shaky camera” icon would sometimes appear (depending on what I focused on, light or dark).

talyssa holiday darling 393talyssa holiday darling 3394talyssa holiday darling 3399talyssa holiday darling 3401I can’t believe how different she looks in this natural light!

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