Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

The Week So Far

Here in northern Illinois we’ve had a rather warm week, until today… it’s sooo blustery, which makes it seem sooo COLD.  My cold tolerance is pretty low right now, so I’ve been wearing my knee length down coat today.  We’re expecting our first snowfall late Friday into Saturday.  It seems too soon, but it really isn’t.

Today, even though it was blustery and cold, the sun shone brightly.  I walked outside with my camera to photograph possibly one of our last “green grass” days for awhile.

mid november 474

mid november 480

mid november 478

mid november 491These leaves were REALLY blowing when I snapped this photo.

mid november 486The pachysandra still looks pretty; it stays green, but is covered with snow most of the winter.

mid november 484Other news, my new Little Darling painted by Helen Skinner arrived on Monday!  Ohhh, happy day!!!  I waited approximately 30 seconds to open her.  Ha ha, such discipline.

lucy's arrival 372

lucy's arrival 373I asked my daughter to name her for me, and she picked Lucy.  I do like the wig she arrived in, but for fun I tried lots of wigs on her and I like her best as a redhead.  Did you ever notice how, even though we can change our dolls wigs, there seems to be a hair color that suits them the best?  For Lucy it is auburn or carrot;  Gina looks best as a brunette.  Lucy is my second Little Darling and is the #3 sculpt.  I love how she always seems so happy.  It sounds silly, but seeing that smiling face makes me happier.  Helen did a phenomenal job bringing her to life.  I also really like the new arms on the Little Darlings; Lucy holds onto things such as dolls and stuffed animals very easily, too cute.

lucy's arrival 376Here is a quick photo of what I was working on today.  Lucy will be modeling this sweater dress for you all very soon.  She can’t wait!

11-19-15 467Thanks for spending some time visiting with me today.  Bye for now!