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Thanksgiving Weekend Part II

We finished decorating our tree today, Sunday, and it is so cozy and sparkly in our family room now; with a fire going in the fireplace it is the best room in the house.

Friday night we got the tree placed right where we wanted it; we released it from its wrapping, added lots of water to the stand, and then let it “rest” all night.  Actually, we needed to rest, not the tree.

2015 tree 677

2015 tree 686

2015 tree 688

We like our Christmas trees to be filled with all kinds of ornaments; each one holding a special memory or two.  There isn’t any room for garland or tinsel on our trees, and that’s okay with us.    It may look like a mass of ornaments to you, but it represents decades of wonderful memories to us.

2015 tree 822

I may be able to dress dolls, but I cannot dress a window if my life depended on it, so please don’t judge my windows.  They’ve been like this since we’ve moved in.  (How embarrassing!)  I think I should ask Santa to send me someone to help dress my windows.

2015 tree 814

2015 ornaments 722

2015 tree 813

2015 tree 818

2015 ornaments 726

2015 ornaments 724

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