Patience Wants to Show You Something

Patience wants to show you the new ensemble that I’ve made just for her, “Patience in Peach”.  These colors make me yearn for a juicy summer peach, a heaping bowl of peaches with cream or peach ice cream, yum.

  Patience looks especially pretty in peachy pinks.  They bring out her warm hair and lip color; these are her colors, I’d say.

patience in peach 743

patience in peach 751

Patience’s cropped cardigan is hand knit with lace weight merino wool.  I’ve embroidered a pair of mirrored image rose motifs along the center front neckline in peachy pinks, deep warm rose, salmon, and the perfect shade of green to bring it all together.  Off white glass pearl bead buttons add the finishing touch.

patience in peach 657

I was inspired by the shapes of these Victorian crocheted bags (aren’t they pretty?), so I made a tiny one for Patience.  Her little flower bouquet sits perfectly inside.

patience in peach 745

These bows are made from rayon ribbon that I hand dyed.  I know some of you were wondering about dyeing fabrics, yarn, and ribbon.  The next time I do some dyeing I will take more photos for a post.

patience in peach 779

patience in peach 782

patience in peach 776

patience in peach 617

Patience’s “Patience in Peach” ensemble will be available for sale on my website’s “Shop What’s New” page tonight (March 1, 2016) at 7:00 pm, CST.  Please note that I will not be sending out another blog post tonight at 7:00.

Hope you all are, or will, have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Patience Wants to Show You Something

  1. Joy

    Patience is all ready for spring! Adorable. The little crocheted bag is perfect, and the link to more fabulous little things is tantalizing.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy. It’s fun to find vintage styles and try and adapt them to modern items. I thought these little bags were adorable too.

  2. Catherine

    Patience’s dress and cardigan are very adorable! I love the pretty bag too!
    Have a good afternoon! Here, it is 9 pm!
    Friendly yours,

  3. Joy

    Well, I tried to see your outfit post at 5:00 PST and tried and tried to refresh your site to see the listing for Patience. It never appeared. So was it posted late? Missed out. Had to do dinner here in CA.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      It was on my site at 7:00, give or take a few seconds. However, it sold right away, sorry you missed it. The page is still there only it is marked sold. Thank you for trying…


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