Gina is “A Vision in Pink”

I use pink for my doll ensembles SO much, but I think this new set for the Little Darlings is the pink-iest to date.  I made the crocheted hat and purse to originally go with her last outfit see here, but as sometimes happens, it just didn’t “work”.  I often ask my daughter’s opinion and she agreed with me and added that these two pieces looked a bit like 1920s fashions and suggested a drop waist styled dress.  Originally, I thought a white dress, but then I got in a new order of fabric and saw that this pink floral rose print would be so much prettier than white, and, although this outfit looks sweet without a sweater, a super soft light as a feather pink mohair is the icing on the cake to finish off this decadent delight.

a vision in pink 290

a vision in pink 318

a vision in pink 264

The tiny lace rose is hand made with the same fine English cotton cluny lace used on the dress’s skirt and the crocheted hat.  I added two knotted loops of rayon ribbon for the leaves and sewed a little pearl onto the center of the rose.  Fiddly to make, but well worth the effort as it is so tiny and delicate to look at.  I’ve started adding little thread belt loops at the side seams to help hold the ribbon ties in place.

a vision in pink 273

pink mohair cardigan 254

a vision in pink 303

a vision in pink 306

For more information on “A Vision in Pink” please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .

11 thoughts on “Gina is “A Vision in Pink”

  1. Sarah

    Wow. Cindy, you are an absolute inspiration! My Little Darling is on order, but when she arrives, I will have a terrific time trying to follow your lead. I’ve done all the things you’ve used for your confections: fine knitting, thread crochet, heirloom sewing, bullion embroidery. The only tough thing will be finding the fabric. I’m really looking forward to following in your footsteps. Thanks so much for creating these exquisite little sets. You’ve really set the bar high for the rest of us.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sarah. Thank you! I am truly honored to be an inspiration to you. As for fabric, buy pieces that you think are beautiful: prints, solids, silk, etc. If I can offer any advice is to let your own style develop. It can take awhile, but it will surely come out if you keep creating what you love. I hope your Little Darling arrives soon!

  2. Jeanne

    Oh Cindy,
    This little pink sweetheart is just adorable. I bet you smiled when you got it all finished. I would have. Gina is so precious in this set. I love the new fabric…it’s so feminine and sweet looking. You always add the perfect amount of details to your dress sets! I love looking at them and seeing all the things that make it so special. Well done again!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Good morning, Jeanne and thank you! It’s funny, but even though I DO love the process, I find the most rewarding part of creating a complete ensemble is when it is finished and it all “works”. Some are harder to make “work” and others flow to completion. I’m sure you find that too. This one started out backwards with the hat and purse made first, but I am happy the way it turned out. Wishing you a beautiful day. It looks like winter may be losing its hold on us a bit.

  3. Sharon in Spain

    Beautiful! She really is a VISION in pink CIndy! The cardigan is so finely knitted that it reminds me of candy floss 🙂 Lovely !

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