Green and Red

After showing you my stack of Christmas fabrics in Monday’s post, I picked out two of them to start my holiday ensembles.  I picked out my favorites, so I would have the best possible chance of getting in the holiday spirit.  (I’ll share with you what those two favorites are soon.)  Yesterday and this morning were spent knitting a sweater and hat to go with the first fabric that I picked out.  So far so good…I’m making progress.  In the meantime, I went through my studio and snapped more photos of all things red and green.

red green thread 077

red green needles 071red green floss 076red green yarn 067christmas trinkets 065christmas trinkets 066

Off the subject, but continuing with the green (and a bit of red) theme…

Did you know it’s National Guacamole Day?  I love avocados and try to eat a few every week.  However, the grocery store that we shop at was completely out of avocados last Friday.  This is a big grocery store with a huge produce department and they didn’t have one avocado for sale, very strange.  I wonder if they were being hoarded by someone in anticipation of National Guacamole Day.  Hmm…

To help tie these two very dissimilar subjects together, here’s the Grinch (Christmas) made out of guacamole (avocados)!  If you click on it, it will enlarge and take you to Pinterest where you can pin it, if you’d like.

guacamole-grinch-sandwich-731421Hope you’re enjoying Wednesday.  Summer is back here in northern Illinois and tomorrow will be even hotter.

Bye for now!

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