Still Trying to Get In the Christmas Spirit

It’s really hard to do… in September.  Geez, fall hasn’t even officially started yet!

I finished a Christmas outfit this week and it didn’t help to get me in the Christmas spirit… AT ALL.  It simply seems way too early to be looking at Gina all bundled up in a wool sweater and hat with fuzzy white trim and Christmas/winter motifs.  Yet, I know this is how early I must start to be able to complete LOTS of holiday outfits this year.  Hopefully, it will get easier as we get into fall and fall-like weather.

I confess that I had a bit of a setback yesterday when I got back to work on a fall sweater that was barely started when the Christmas bug set in early last week, so you may see another one or two fall ensembles.  I love the greyish plum, neutral pink, merlot, and ecru/ivory in this print and wanted to continue with the ensemble.

wip 09-21-15 121My pumpkin dress/hat sets are all on their way to dress “tinies” for the fall season.  Amelia Thimble, Izzy, Sugar, and I are all very happy that these sets are going to help make some little ones look oh, so cute for pumpkin patch picking!

3 pumpkin dresses 9563 pumpkin hats 093

Well, now I must get to work packing up outfits, printing out labels, and working on that fall outfit.  Oh, and I promised to make a pot of soup today, so that we don’t all starve.  Ha ha!

Everyone… have a great Monday!

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