Christmas Ensembles from Years Past

Last week I showed you my Christmas ensembles from 2014.  I was able to finish quite a few last year, but not as many as I would like to complete this year; after all they are the my favorite holiday themed ensembles to create.

So, last year wasn’t bad, but this is what happens when I don’t start early enough, plan ahead, have a goal, etc.  You get the picture.  These are from 2012 and 2013 with most being made for Amelia Thimble, so are tiny and much quicker to make.  I plan on doing much better this year!

Patience got her one and only (so far) fun Christmas set in 2013.

merry & bright 186 wmI made two Christmas ensembles for Kish Bethany in 2012.  This first one is more formal than the one my blonde Bethany is wearing.  I think that this was probably the first sweater I made out of the mohair/silk lace yarn that I use so much now.

P1040975ebayP1040962ebayThis was the second outfit that I made for my then new (2013) Pukipuki Sugar doll from Fairyland.  I was tickled pink at how the jingle bell stayed on her hand due to the tiny magnets embedded in her palms.

seasonly green 320And Amelia Thimble got a dress to match Sugar’s.

green for the season 114 wmIn 2013, I discovered that taking photos in front of our Christmas tree looked rather pretty, don’t you think?

tiny elf 586 wm

holiday spirit elf 655 wm

bitty festive 349 wmThis dress for Amelia was meant to look like she was wearing a wrapped present in unique Christmas colors.  I took my color inspiration from the tiny wrapped present props.

better to gift 679 wmHere’s another made with a unique Christmas color palette and embroidered with red and pink poinsettias.

tiny poinsettia 595 wmAnd another in blue with holly and pink Christmas roses.

flowers for holidays 596 wmThe green dress for Amelia was made to be a Christmas tree with tiny embroidered ornaments on it.  I even painstakingly embroidered tiny gold loops so that the ornaments could hang from the ribbon garland.  By the way, it is not fun at all to embroider with metallic thread.  I’ve never used it again, that is how much “fun” it is.

o christmas tree 579 wmI’ve always loved pink poinsettias!

naturally pretty 594 wm

tiny elf 586 wmAs you can see, I made lots of Christmas sets for Amelia Thimble.

so holiday soft 636 wmpinecones and berries 607 wm blast li'l elf 547 wm

tiny christmas cutie 498 wm

sweet holly 384Doesn’t that snowy background look lovely?  Well, maybe not yet…

merry li'l christmas 235 wm

Bye for now, and thank you so much for reading along with me and looking at the Christmas photos of my past work.  No wonder Amelia Thimble is a spoiled little thing!

Oh, and enjoy the last official day of summer!!!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Ensembles from Years Past

  1. Catherine

    All dresses are really wonderful!
    I have a huge crush on Amelia’s dress with small knots! Your inspiration is very successful!
    Thank you for the dream you give us!
    Have a good evening (Here it’s 6 PM)

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      You must be in Europe then? So, right now as I am writing this you are probably (hopefully) fast asleep. I made quite a few variations of those holly dresses. Hope you have a great Wednesday and thank you.

  2. Joy

    I really like the look of the lace weight yarn. Just goes so well with the cute prints you pick. Although, that winter sweater in heavier yarn that blond Bethany is wearing is perfect for those colder days! Love seeing your masterpieces.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much, Joy. I am happy that you enjoyed my photos. It seems ages ago that I made those Christmas sets for Bethany. At one time she got all of my attention.

  3. Pennie Paxton

    Thank you Cindy for the beautiful Amelia Christmas fashion show! Your embroidery is so eye catching and I love the design of each dress. I want one of each please. LOL I look forward to every one of your emails and can’t wait to open them when I see them in my inbox! Pennie

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Pennie,
      No wonder little miss Amelia is spoiled, right? I wish I could get more done, really I could… I am happy that you enjoy my posts. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  4. Jeanne

    Hi Cindy, my favorites are the dresses with the white mohair like yarn around the hems! They are absolutely adorable! You are smart for doing Christmas things so early so everyone can get a new dress or two!
    You are so so talented!
    Blessings, Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Aww, thanks Jeanne,
      The white mohair gives the feel of fur trim, so it works well for Santa or elf-ish sets. I need to stick to Christmas. I made one and then went back to fall. I guess I am feelin’ fall and not Christmas…yet. LOL Love your blog and seeing your beautiful dresses; you are QUITE talented yourself!


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