Does Anyone Feel Like a Little Bit of Snow?

Fuzzy white mohair yarn that look like snow, that is.  I’ve used this yarn for little cardigan sweaters a LOT.  I was wondering how much, so I gathered up my photos and made a little collection here.  They are not all winter sweaters, but even in the middle of summer they’ve always reminded me of fluffy snow.

Sunshine Day 2015

blue skies, sunny days 782blue skies and pink roses 164

apple season 023

snowman luv 742

Candy Canes for Christmas 2014

Holiday Helper 2014


Rosy Sweet 2014

Rosy Sweet 2014

our summer garden 859 summer's sweetheart 652

Softly Spring 2014

Autumn Sweetness mohair caridigan2013

Merry & Bright 2013

Christmas Classic 2011

Merry & Bright 2013

Tri-Color Roses Cardigan 2013

P1120143ebay P1110865ebay

What a Doll 2013

be my valentine 149 tri-color roses III 270 P1120423web

Now here’s some REAL snow… from earlier this year, thank goodness!

snowfall 271 snowfall 266

I’m not quite ready for all this yet, are you?  I’d much rather look at fluffy white snow-like sweaters.

Thanks for reading along today.  Have a fabulous Friday!

10 thoughts on “Does Anyone Feel Like a Little Bit of Snow?

  1. Catherine

    This yarn looks so soft and comfortable! Your dolls are very lucky to wear so beautiful and warm cardigans!
    I don’t like winter. There’s a lot of snow in my region and I always think about people and animals who live outside.
    Have a good week-end.
    Bonjour à ta fille! Elle est courageuse, car le français est une langue très difficile à apprendre.
    Beaucoup d’exceptions et de grammaire!
    Friendly yours.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      I think I love knitting for my dolls so much because I cannot wear animal fibers and I love them so; I find animal fibers too itchy and uncomfortable against anything other than my fingers and hands.

      I’m not too keen on winter either. We have a feral cat who has been surviving our winters for many years. I don’t know how she does it. When we have a huge snowstorm we don’t see her for days, so she must have a hiding place somewhere. We do feed her every day which is all we can do for her as she is very afraid of us.

      Tomorrow, I will show my daughter your comment in french. I can pick out a few words, but not sure what they all mean together.

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        I forgot to say how well you speak English. Is it your second language? My daughter says, “J’adore à apprendre votre langue et culture! La classe de française est très amusant et est ma class favorite! Maintenant, nous regardons la filme «Le Petit Nicolas». Je suis en AP, alors nous ne pouvons que parler française en classe. Il est très difficile! Bien à vous!”
        AP is advanced placement French, Catherine.

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